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K... so here's the deal... I really don't want to add in every detail of the whole "find Taeyung" sooooooo...  I'm just gonna skip to the good part, okay? OKAY! LETS GO 🙃💜

Narrator's P.O.V
After another hour of searching, Yn had managed to find Taeyung.. in the storage room with a ring of keys in his hand.

(Side note: Yes I'm having Yn find him first because.. well you'll see in a second. Just roll with it okay? I promise it'll make sense later. 😌)

When Taeyung looked up at his Eomma, he started smiling but then immediately gave her a nervous glace as he looked behind her frantically and this made Yn understand what he wanted so after she carefully closed the door behind her and locked it, she carefully walked up to him and went down to his level and calmly says;

"Hey baby bear."

Hearing her call him by his special nickname made Taeyung smile as he quickly gets up, hugs her tightly and happily says;


Yn was a bit taken a back by the sudden hug but smiled nonetheless as she gave him an even tighter hug and after they both pulled back, Taeyung worriedly asked;

"Are you okay Eomma?"

"Of course I'm okay, why do you ask baby?"

At her question, he looks down and quietly says;

"You were crying this morning.."

At his words, Yn looks down and stays silent for a while then she gently holds Taeyung's hand as she starts to calmly explain;

"I want to be honest with you baby because you deserve to know the truth... I was crying because I was scared."

"Why were you scared?"

Taeyung asked as he scooted closer to Yn and sat next to her while they leaned against the wall and Yn sighed as she let of his hand and wrapped her arm around his shoulder, while explaining;

"Um.. I was scared because... I thought that your Appa was going to hurt me like.. my past boyfriends did-"

"What did they do to you?!"

Taeyung almost immediately worriedly asked, with a hint of anger in his voice, and Yn tried to think of how to furthur explain to him without going into too much detail and after a moment, she quietly said;

"They would drink a lot of alcohol and they would hit me for being a bad girlfriend.."

"But you make Appa happy, you make me happy and Appa would never hurt you plus he hates alcohol."

Yn smiled at Taeyung's loving response but that didn't help the horrible flashbacks and nightmares she would sometimes have, sighing, Yn nodded as she quietly says;

"I realize that now Taeyungie.. but earlier... I was having doubts about your Appa-"

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