Chapter 13: Our Demise

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3rd Person POV

Currently. Rimuru, Lucifer, and Fuze were in the bathhouse together, discussing things. Then, they could actually hear the Lucy, Beel, the Cerberus triplets. Shion, and Milim having fun on the other side of the bathhouse.

Rimuru: 'Man... They seem to have fun... Maybe I should've gone on that side... Over here are just some old dudes... Maybe Lucifer is an exception..."

Lucifer: "So, how long do you intend to stay in this town? Are you still not convinced we mean no harm?"

Fuze: "Huh? Ah, no. My suspicions for your country and even Rimuru are long gone now. Even I know lying in a presence of an angel would cause for punishments and the like."

Rimuru: "Then why?"

Fuze: "Well, this place is just so comfortable. I haven't had a real break in so long. I felt it would be a good thing to slow down and relax."

Rimuru: "...So you're basically on vacation, is that what you're saying..."

Rimuru complained but FUze wasn't listening at this point. He was busy drinking sake with a huge smile on his face. 

Rimuru: "Hey!"

Fuze: "Huh?"

Rimuru: "What's going on with Youm and his men, anyway? You promised to help them look like the Champions in our place."

Fuze: "Ah..."

Rimuru: "Those guys already left, you know? They went to build a reputation as Champions everywhere

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Rimuru: "Those guys already left, you know? They went to build a reputation as Champions everywhere."

Fuze: "That won't be a problem. I've already finished setting things up."

Lucifer: "Oh? Is that so?"

Fuze: "Yes. I've already laid the groundwork for spreading the word that they're the champions who defeated the Orc Lord, and for spreading the rumors that Rimuru and the Tempest Federation are harmless and also helped them in killing the Orc lord."

RImuru: "Oh, well. Good then. Still, are you sure this isn't lying?"

Lucifer: "Hmm? Oh no, besides. they aren't in my presence so that's fine... I hope."

Rimuru: "You hope?!"

Fuze: "Well, I'll be heading back now."

Lucifer: "Oh right, before we forget. We'd like to build roads from here to the Kingdom of Blumund."

Fuze: "What? Oh, well... I'd certainly appreciate that, but that would be a national undertaking on a huge scale. The budget would be immense."

Rimuru: "Exactly, Fuze! Don't worry about that. Having some roads would make it easier for us to do business, wouldn't it? Naturally, we'll handle the physical work."

Lucifer: "However..."

Fue: "However?"

Lucifer: "We want to sell our specially made goods to the other counties, so we'd like you to do a little introduction to someone who can give us the advise we need."

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