(1st day) pt 2

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(^has nothing to do with fnad or sb)

You get to the daycare and open the doors to see tons of small children running around and one older looking person. You assume it's one of the daycare workers and walk up to them "um excuse me" you say getting their attention "oh helllooooo new friend who are you" the person turns around he has a bright yellow and orange jester costume on with sooooo much glitter something on it kinda look like glitter glue. You apparently stared for to long cus he poked your cheek "friend are you ok?" He asks in a concerned tone "um yes I'm fine thank you" you say "oh that's good what's your name" he asks quickly becoming happy again "my name is honey bunny and I brought cookies for movie night" you say putting on a fake as fuck smile you never really smile "oh yay I'll go get moondrop stay right here" he says clapping and running off

Time skip brought to you by the birds

He came back with a taller male in a mainly blue and yellow jester costume "hi I'm honey bunny" you say sticking your hand out "I'm moondrop but you can call me moon" he says shaking your hand

More time skip cus my brain said fuck you

You were now sitting with the children watching toy story. You feel a tap on your shoulder so you turn around to see..... Monty!? "Hey y/n wanna get out of here and go to Monty golf" he says "no Monty I'm working" you say "really cus it looks like you're watching a child movie" he says looking at the screen "I'm helping the daycare workers" you say "whatever if you want to stop being a child I'll be in Monty golf" he says getting up and leaving which left you pissed your not a child your grown woman


369 words thxs for reading
Have a good day or else I'll come to your house and rip your vocal chords out ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

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