Chapter (34): Around the world - Part two

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While the whole city of Gusu was in a bit of chaos running away from demons that appeared out of nowhere, two figures and an ox sat inside the inner part of a shrine.

"Queen Yushi... shouldn't we go help them?" In a worried tone, Banyue asked Yushi Huang who sat gracefully in front of a rather large vessel of water. The vessel was made out of gold with intricate carvings and it was filled to the brim with water. The water was normal, however on its surface played the numerous scenes happening in the city of Gusu. There were demons and monsters appearing out of nowhere and the people panicking and running away.

Yushi Huang and Banyue sat looking at the surface of the water. Banyue was starting to feel a bit anxious seeing her younger brother fighting with another boy his age and the people running in panic.

"Don't worry. The demons won't be able to harm anyone. The sect in this area is strong," Yushi Huang said with certainty. It is true that gods are to protect the humans from monsters, but when the humans are able to protect themselves, they wouldn't need to interfere. Regardless, Yushi Huang was looking at the water surface without batting an eyelid, ready to help whenever it was needed.

"Oh, then it's reassuring. But I wonder what has caused so many demons to appear here and at this moment," Banyue pondered over this fact and couldn't help but feel more worried.

"It is unfortunate... but I can't seem to find the reason as well."

The demons and monsters that appeared suddenly all appeared almost at the same time. Yushi Huang and Banyue were just talking outside the shrine when it happened, and they both had helped the people in the nearby area to evacuate. Then, they entered the shrine and activated the observation vessel. They were planning to go help wherever was necessary, but luckily, there wasn't a place that was in dire need of help. The Lan Sect had everything under control and the demons were already being pushed back.

Thus, Yushi Huang decided to find the root of this cause. But there was nothing to be found, not even a trace of teleportation magic. Banyue thought of this strange fact as well, and got more worried for her younger brother.

"Queen Yushi, I think I have to go get my brother."

"A-Ying? A-Ying is fine."

"But what if more monsters show up? He's already fighting one of the Lan disciples. If more monsters show up, things might get complicated."

"It's alright. No monster will show up now. I've cast a protection spell above this city. And... look at them. Wei Ying seems to be having fun. Let him be for a while."

Banyue looked again at the figure of her younger brother through the water. She couldn't deny that he was having fun.


Being offered a cup of tea, Banyue said no more and accepted it politely after which she sat down. Although she felt a bit helpless, she couldn't help but want to see more of her brother's cheery attitude. The kid was saying he was bored all the time before they got here, so she was glad to see him having fun. And thus, one god, one ghost and one ox sat in the shrine while watching two boys fight through the water in the vessel.

'Clang!' Wei Wuxian clashed his sword against the boy with the Lan Clan's disciple robes. He still couldn't help but be stunned at how beautiful this person was. Although his facial muscles were tense, as if he were mad or anxious, he still looked exceedingly beautiful. Wei Wuxian couldn't help but be in awe.

"Wahh. You're so beautiful!! Is everyone in Gusu this beautiful??!"

Wei Wuxian blabbered on although the two were consecutively attacking against each other with their swords.

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