day 1 (pt 3)

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You just finished picking up the plates from the little kids while sun took them to their parents. You bent over to pick up something and felt a hand on your ass. You jump slightly not expecting it and turn around and there stands moondrop "moon don't do that" you tell him "I couldn't resist it looked so bouncy and soft" he says "y/n moondrop let's go get dinner together!" Sunny says skipping over to you and moon "sure sun-" your sentence gets stopped "sorry sunshine but the shorty is coming with me" says monty putting his arm around your shoulders "says who!?" You ask "says me short stack" monty says "how about we all go get dinner together!" Sun says jumping up and down "yea monty how about we all eat together" you say "whatever as long as shorty is there I don't care" monty says. You finally get home ready to relax an sleep but that didn't work out instead all you heard all night was fighting coming from moons room

203words thxs for reading
Have a good day or else I'll come to your house and rip your vocal chords out ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

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