Target Acquired

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You spotted them talking in a circle over by the lockers the second you walked into school. They stood out from the masses of students, like snow-white doves amidst common pigeons.

The shortest of the group had to be Hinata.

She had peachy pink skin that was permanently flushed and absolutely covered in freckles. She had fiery red hair, styled in two low buns like yarn pom poms. Her eyes were emerald green with flecks of gold.

Too bad they were usually aimed downwards, either in submission or at a book. It made her popular among teachers, however.

She was the traditional kind of yandere: obsessive. She worshipped the ground the main character walked in, followed him around like a puppy dog, and even set up a shrine to him in her room. Creepy but mostly harmless.

The second shortest among them was Kimiko.

Her reddish-brown skin was dappled in more beauty marks than you could count. Her dark brown hair was tied into tight ropes that hung down to her waist. She had eyes as black as ink, so dark that you couldn't differentiate iris from pupil.

She radiated humor the way the sun did warmth. There was an edge to her smile, though. It looked like she was constantly scheming. And, given her reputation as a prankster, she likely was.

She was also insanely jealous. Possessive to a fault. She saw people as playthings and the player character as her favorite, shiniest, new toy... One she couldn't bear to share or be without.

The tallest was undoubtedly Oshiro.

Her tawny brown face was covered in little dents that her piercings would normally fill in. She had jet black hair which she wore in a faux hawk only because the school explicitly banned mohawks. Her eagle eyes were a piercing blue color.

A rebel without a cause. She was tough and she looked it. Every fiber of her being was putting out a don't-fuck-with-me vibe. Or, rather, please-fuck-with-me-so-I-have-an-excuse-to-punch-you.

She was a sadist. Like any bully that couldn't communicate their feelings, she wanted to push the main character around, test his limits, make him cry.

Last but not least was Minoru.

Her skin was clear, almost transparent, without a single marking or blemish. Her long, flaxen hair cascaded down from two high pigtails. She had hazel eyes that shone like beacons of light.

She was almost eerily perfect. Like a porcelain doll or a marble statue. But of course she was. She was the richest, prettiest, most popular girl in school. And that made her the ringleader of her clique, as well as the queen bee of Haruki High.

She was fiercely protective of the player character. She loved him so much she wanted to lock him away from the rest of the world... Somewhere he would be safe and content, with her.

Despite not being cruel as Kimiko and Oshiro, she was still the most dangerous kind of yandere. The kind with unlimited resources.

And she was looking at you.

Shit... She must have sensed you staring at her and her friends for the last five minutes. You gave her an awkward little wave and she looked away without so much as acknowledging your existence.

Ouch! That hurt. Still, you needed to connect with her. None of her friends were going to give you the time of day until you got her blessing.

"Hey, Minoru, wait up!"

Minoru did not wait up. In her defense, she didn't walk away any faster either. Instead, she continued to leisurely walk away, her posse following in her wake. You had to jog to keep up with her long, elegant strides.

"Uh, you probably don't know me. I'm- uhhh... I'm Aina! Um, I was wondering if you would like to... Have lunch with me...?"

God, could you be any more awkward? Still, you succeeded in stopping her in her tracks.

She blinked at you once, slowly. The action gave you time to admire her eyelashes. They were so long and curled gently upwards... They looked like butterfly wings.

Meanwhile, the nearby students were looking at you like you had two heads. Everyone knew that Minoru had lunch with her close-knit group of friends every day. Not even fellow members of the Student Council were invited to their table.

You just had to shoot your shot, though. You needed an invite to that lunch table and you didn't expect she was just going to hand one over out of the blue.

"I'm sorry, but I will be having lunch with my friends today," she said. "Perhaps some other time."

She walked away before you could respond. Oshiro and Kimiko snickered behind their hands at your expense while Hinata gave you a pitiful glance. Before you knew it, the entire group of girls had turned the corner and were out of view.

You frowned. Well, you would just have to try another time then.

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