They meet your ex

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Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu could probably guess it was your ex when you started to act a bit strange

You pretended to not look in their direction 

To your dismay your ex noticed you and tried to start a conversation

Shinobu could see you were clearly uncomfortable and intervened very quickly

"Oh, look at the time! It's time for our date now" Shinobu made sure to put much emphais on date. In reality you two weren't even on a date, she just wanted to get you out of the situation 

When you two were alone you told Shinobu that you two didn't end off in good terms. Your ex cheated on you and then tried to get together with you again, nagging you about it

You had to hold Shinobu down just so she wouldn't go off and kill your ex 

Mitsuri Kanroji

You and Mitsuri met your ex at a resturaunt of all places and they sat down next to you 

You didn't wanna be rude to them so you never told them to leave 

Mitsuri didn't like this at all

She saw how your ex placed their hand on your thigh or how they were so touchy with you 

After that Mitsuri's mood had dropped down significally and you could guess what it was

Mitsuri was afraid you would get back with them 

"Mitsuri please, they're my ex for a reason" Mitsuri sighed and apologized for overthinking and doubting you

You made it up to her however by baking with her and alot alot of cuddles

Nezuko Kamado

You and your ex are still friends to this day

You two just thought the realtionship would be better off as a friendship than a romantic relationship

When Nezuko met them she thought they were kind and liked them alot

Was surpised when you told her they were your ex. Your ex has already left by then 

Nezuko was happy that you two ended off in good terms 

Kanao Tsuyuri

You two didn't end off well and you had the unlucky day to run into them 

They wanted to talk to you but Kanao came along

"Does she really have to be here while we talk?" 

"Yes, got a problem?" Your ex shut up after that and just walked away


Your ex treated you very badly, toxic and red flags all over the place

You told Daki about this and what they did

Daki thought about killing them but thought they could suffer a bit

She hired them and later gave them a bunch of work stressing them out

She continued and continued, your ex barely caught a breath before Daki gave them a new chore to do 

Your ex suffered in Daki's own special way 

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