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side note: The double standard in the last chapter's comment section was really strong honestly!! I get that yall are sad that Maxwell cried but do you really blame Delilah? Imagine seeing your mother get killed by your own boyfriend in front of your eyes, and yall still say that she did "too much?" No matter how bad her mommy issues are, it's only HER that has a right to talk shit about her mother.

"your heart was glass, I dropped it."


I made him cry.

Well, technically he didn't really cry, it was just a single tear.

Maybe he can be faking it.

I massaged my temple softly, my eyes were almost closing due to the sleep. It's almost been 2 hours since Maxwell went back to our room, and guess what?

He locked the door of our fucking room.

Fucking bitch.

Worries washed over me as I rested my head against the head of the sofa.

I didn't feel bad about what I said to him, not even a little bit.

There were no regrets whatsoever, because well he deserved it.

He can't fucking have the audacity to tell me that my mother isn't worth it when he is the one who betrayed me the same way, and he definitely cannot tell me she isn't worth it when he is the one who took her life. 

He didn't have the fucking right. And this time even he knew that he crossed the limits.

I pressed my head against my hands as I pondered on what to do next. I can't avoid him forever. But what the fuck am I supposed to say, do when I see him next?

Do I go and apologize? Yeah, no thanks. I didn't want to apologize but did I have to apologize? also no. So why am I feeling like there is a knot in my heart that is not allowing me to fucking breathe properly?

It's probably because you sleep 4 hours a day and have your face inside the computer 20 hours a day, Kathryn's voice rang in my head, making me shake my head and I could feel a small smile form over my lips.

I miss them all.

I miss the life, my life that I created for myself before all this marriage shit happened. It's been more than a month since I have gotten married to Maxwell and I still can't believe it.


My thoughts drifted again to what I had said to him earlier. For someone who says that she doesn't regret what she said, I sure do think about it a lot.

My phone pinged with a notification, taking it from the table, I look at the text that was sent just a minute ago,

Grayson: you okay?

simple and plain, just like Grayson.

I texted him a few minutes- or was that hours- ago saying that I am in a life-threatening situation, Of course, he is used to me being dramatic and he probably knew that the situation wouldn't be too bad because according to him Maxwell is "mature".

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