GS ch.3

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Today me and Malachi got in a fight. He feels like I'm showing off to the guys at school. I told him don't be so insecure. I don't question him about what he's doing in college. He's like 400 miles away from here. I can't help that I'm sexy and all the guys love me. Malachi says I'm being a hoe but I think I'm just enjoying high school.
-Xoxo- Gabby.F

"Why you always reading that book?" Sonya asked.

"It's a good book." I told her.

"Lemme read." She leaned forward and tried to look in the book but I closed it.

"Damn Gina. Almost closed my eyelash in there." She complained while fixing it.

"Sorry Sonya."

I didn't want her to read Gabby's diary. It's bad enough I'm reading it. I don't want to put her business out there. Once class was over I went to find Devon. He wanted to take me to get food and who am I to turn down free food.

"So what do you want to eat shawty?"

"Uhm. I really would like some ice cream."

"You anemic? You always eating ice or ice cream. Even when you at home."

"I just like ice cream."

He nodded. I started eating ice cream after Gabby's death. It was the only food that would stay in my body. Eventually I started eating pop tarts. I don't know if my stomach is still weak but I only eat ice cream and pop tarts just to be on the safe side. He took me to five guys. I've never been here before. Walking in I looked for a bathroom. In case my stomach isn't ready for normal food I had to make sure I could make it to the bathroom.

"I know you said you wanted ice cream but is that all you're really going to eat?"

"Uhm. I could try a fry I guess."

I took a couple of his fries. They were really good. Surprisingly my stomach didn't start doing flips. Okay maybe I'll try the burger too. Devon has ordered me a burger just in case I changed my mind. The burger didn't have much. It was just a regular cheeseburger. On the first bite I could feel it coming back up. I rushed to the restroom. I spilled all the contents in my stomach plus more. After throwing up I went to the sink and brushed my teeth with my toothbrush and toothpaste I keep in my purse. I walked back out to Devon. He already was ready to go. He walked over to me and walked me to his car. He drove off to the nearest gas station to get me a cup of ice.

"Thanks." I said as he handed me the cup.

"No problem but, are you okay."

"Yea I'm fine. My stomach is just very weak. There's not much I can eat without throwing up."

"Why you ain't say that shawty. I would've taken you to an ice cream place instead."

"I'm sorry."

"Nah it's all good. I'm taking you home now though."

I nodded and he pulled off towards my house. Walking in it was completely silent. My mom was at work and my dad went back to Texas. I didn't expect him to stay long. Throwing up made me really tired so I laid on the couch and went to sleep.

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