GS ch.4

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I was sitting in the doctor's office with my mom. She heard me on the phone the other day with Devon and now she wants to put me on birth control.

"Hello Gina. I just saw you a couple months ago. What brings you in today?"

"My mom wants to put me on birth control." I told my doctor. This isn't my regular doctor. She's my obgyn.

"Uhm okay. Well are you sexually active?"

"No. But my mom saw me on the phone with a boy so now we're here."

The doctor nodded her head.

"Well I think the birth control would be great because I'm looking at your chart and you've been losing a lot of weight. I mean you even look skinnier. Why is that."

"Because she doesn't eat." My mother told the doctor. "I buy dinner every night for her but when I come home the food is still there."

The doctor looked at me.

"Gina you gotta eat. I'm gonna give you the pills. It's Gonna boost your appetite just a bit. Please eat sweetie."

I nodded. The doctor left then came back with a prescription.

"I wanna see you back in two months to see how everything is going."

I nodded. We left the doctor office and my mom took me home.

"I'm gonna order you a pizza okay. Please eat it. At least take a bite."

"I'll try."

"Thank you. I love you. Bye."

She kissed my cheek then left. She was going back to work. She's there a lot now. I went to my room and called my friends. I didn't go to school today.

"Oou girl, Devon was looking for you. He was like where Gina at? We told him you didn't come to school and he was like is she okay." Sonya said.

"I told you he liked you." Khia said.

I smiled thinking about it. Devon was a cool guy. He's very understanding. Being around him for the past couple of months kinda made me develop feelings towards him. But I won't let my feelings develop too much.

"Look at that smile. She likes him too." Khia said.

I looked at my phone. Sonya and Khia were just looking at me.

"Okay. Imma call y'all back." I told them. I was getting a call from Devon.

"Okay boo." Sonya said.

I hung up and answered Devon's call. He appeared on the screen but he was playing the game. He didn't have his shirt on and his hair looked wet. I just stared at him until he caught me.

"Gina, why didn't you come to school?" He asked me.

"I went to the doctor."

"Awe. You good? Did you eat today?"

"Yea I'm good. The doctor just said that I need to eat because I'm losing too much weight at once."

"Awe. You eat?"

"Yes Devon damn. Acting like you my daddy."

He smirked.

"Just making sure you good mamas."

I looked at him. He ain't never said that before. We talked until I hung up because my mom came home. I laid in my bed thinking about Devon.

"You like him don't you?"

I looked to my side and Gabby was laying next to me.

"Do you like him Gina?"

"I don't know. Why are you here?"

"You do like him. I can tell. Why won't you just express it."

"Because I don't want to."

"But he makes you happy."

"I could be happy with someone else."

"No one else is gonna understand you like he does. Just give him a chance."

I thought about it. Maybe she's right. He seems to be the only dude who talks to me. Everyone else sees me as the dead girl's sister.

"But Gabby-"

I turned back to my side and she was gone.

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