GS ch.5

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I counted while my little cousins hid. No one else wanted to play with them so I did. Thanksgiving was the one time of the year I saw my family. Every year we fly to Florida and stay in my grandma's huge house. This was the first year without Gabby.

"Ready or not here I come." I searched around the house. I found a couple of them but the rest of them were hiding very well. I bumped into someone while trying to get in the kitchen.

"My bad."

"You good."

I looked at the person. It was Travis, one of my cousins' boyfriends. Looking at him reminded me of something I read in Gabby's diary.

I did something really fucked up. I don't think Yandy would ever forgive me. Her boyfriend Travis just left my room. I know it was wrong for me to sleep with him but I just couldn't help myself. He's 18 and I'm 16. I haven't had sex since Malachi went to college. I tried to stay committed to him but when I saw Travis I lost all morals and self control.
Xoxo - Gabby.F

"You good Gina?"

I looked back at Travis.

"Uhm Yea."

He nodded and walked away. I went to find the rest of my cousins. After playing multiple games with my younger cousins we decided to watch a movie in the movie room. I popped some popcorn and gave them boxes of candy.

"Gina." My aunt yelled.

I grabbed my baby cousin who I was holding and went to the kitchen.

"Yes auntie."

"Come try this for me."

She stuck a fork out with her hand under it. I took the fork with my open hand.

"It could use more seasoning. It's kinda bland."

She nodded.

"So Gina, Your mom says you have a boyfriend." My other aunt said.

"Oh no. I was just talking to a boy who would take me home after practice but I don't talk to him anymore."

I stopped talking to Devon a week before thanksgiving break. I felt I was getting attached so I let him go. Reading Gabby's diary made me realize that I was falling like she was. And she fell hard.

Later that night I couldn't sleep. I went to the kitchen to get a snack. Travis was also in the kitchen. I've been wanting to ask about him and Gabby since I've seen him.

"Why you still up?" He asked me.

I shrugged. "Couldn't sleep. I guess."

I was avoiding conversation with him. I wonder how many times they've done it. I grabbed the Oreos and my bottle of cranberry juice. I sat at the counter and ate the cookies.

"Why'd you have sex with my sister?" I asked.

He looked at me.

"How you know about that?"

I shrugged.

"But why. You're dating Yandy. Why would you have sex with her cousin?"

"Uhm. I don't know. I remember Gabby coming to me about her boyfriend and I was just tryna help. It wasn't supposed to develop into a secret relationship."

A secret relationship. It was more than one time sex.

"So, you and Gabby had a secret relationship?"

"Yea but I ended it because I was feeling guilty.
I felt even worse when I found out she killed herself a week later."

So he's the boy she was feeling depressed over. I thought it had something to do with Malachi. I put the cookies back and went back to my room. I've always thought Gabby was an Angel. Maybe there's more to her than I know.

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