GS ch.6

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Lately I've been busy learning about my sister. I read all her diaries over winter break. I even found her phone. Reading her messages and putting everything together, Gabby wasn't an angel. She was a mean girl who used people to get what she wanted. But all that didn't explain why she killed herself.

"Hey Gina." A boy that looked familiar said.

"Uhm hey."

He took a seat in the desk next to me.

"So I've noticed you don't hang out with Devon anymore."

"Uhm okay."

"I'm having a party Friday night. You should come and bring your friends."

"Okay but who are you?"

"I'm Jamyson. Your sister knew me."

I sat and thought about his name. I think I've seen his name once or twice in her book. I gotta go back and read to find out.

"So you coming or not."

"Uhm sure."

He handed me a flyer. A pool party in January. I'll just let Sonya and Khia go. Parties aren't really my thing. After my last class I was heading to cheer practice. After getting injured I went to the trainer. When I walked in Devon was sitting on the bed thingy. It was kinda weird. He was just staring at me. The trainer brought me an ice pack. It's really just a bag of ice but they call it a ice pack.

"How you hurt yourself?" Devon asked.

"Uhm. I fell on my ankle while tumbling."



The trainer told me I could leave. After practice I waited outside for my mom. I thought about calling her again but I knew her phone would go straight to voicemail.

"Hey, you need a ride?"

I looked at the car. It was Jamyson.

"No thanks."

"Come on Gina. You and I both know your mom isn't coming. I promise I'll take you home."

He was a friend of Gabby's so that means she trusted him. And I guess he was my friend at some point of time since he was always around.

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