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Edited: September 29th (bc it was awful)

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Edited: September 29th (bc it was awful)

"Please take your shirt off. We'll do a quick check-up, nothing special" Now in his doctor-mode, Bruce was, or at least seemed way more confident. "I need-" 


The doc looked up from the file in his hand, confused expression clouding over his face.

"Excuse me?" 

Naruto scoffed. 

"Not gonna take my shirt off", he drawled lazily, assessing the man calmly  with cold, bored eyes. Bruce swallowed audibly, then tried to turn on a reassuring smile even though he didn't feel comfortable at all. 

"It's nothing to worry about. I'll just check for some minor bacteria and viruses in your body, as well as make sure you're not hurt in any way. You have to understand, we're just being careful, because you were passed out in an alley, and we don't know the cause.", he tried to explain as detailed as possible, without scaring the boy. 

Naruto held steadily held his gaze, then averting his eyes to look at the wall.

Suddenly, Bruce' attention was drawn to the dark red liquid that was starting to stain the boy's lavender clothes and he gasped. 

"You need medical attention, now! You're severely hurt, and I have to take care of that injuries." 

The black-haired who seemed unbothered by the apparent bloodloss scoffed. Again. 

"Just give me the bandages. You can stay and watch for all I care, but-", he looked straight at the doctor, a dangerous glint in his eyes, "-don't you dare touch me." 

Bruce had been a doctor long enough to know that he shouldn't pressure his patients. For his and their sake. It felt weird but after another second of consideration he grabbed some medical equipment and passed it to Naruto, praying the boy knew how to use it. 

He was ready to give the boy an anaesthetic syringe and take care of the situation this way but would rather not. 

Bruce needed at least a little bit of trust from his patients to work with them. 

Naruto closed his eyes for a second, like he was trying to concentrate really hard, then he blinked and slowly removed the light purple shirt from his torso. Wounded severely was not right term. It was two cuts across his, how Bruce noticed, definitely toned chest. 

They had already stopped bleeding--which was surprising--and clearly came from a knife or other sharp objects. It was a clean, though not less painful injury. 

Bruce reflexively leaned forward but was stopped by Naruto's warning glare. So, he just watched in carefully hidden concern and a few moments later awe, as the boy cleaned needle and thread, and carefully began stitching the larger cut.

The angle was awkward and Bruce winced inwardly. He offered help another two times, until Naruto shot him a glare that was so ice cold and intimidating that Bruce felt himself freeze like a deer in the headlights.
The goosebumps on his skin didn't go away for minutes so he gave up on attempting to assist until he wasn't shaking in fear anymore (which took considerably long).

Naruto wasn't particularly good at it, but his work was surprisingly clean and Bruce couldn't help but notice the routine movements. It didn't seem like the boy had studied medicals or possessed any widespread knowledge of the correct way to heal people, just...

It seemed like he was just used to patching himself up exactly this way. 


Before Bruce realized, Naruto's torso was tightly wrapped in bandages. The boy was reaching for his strangely designed shirt, when the doctor finally interfered. 

"Wait, ki- Naruto, I'll give you something new to wear-"

"No.", Naruto stopped him, "No need. I'd like to wear my own stuff." He quickly threw the clothing over his head and got up from the bed. He just got up, seemingly not caring at all about re-opening his wounds. 

Bruce reached out: "Careful-" and was cut off once again, this time by the door slamming shut. Naruto had just left the room. Just like that. 

The doctor jumped up and hurried after the kid. How was a severely injured boy that fast? He was supposed to be in pain, and limp through the hallways at best. 

But no

Bruce did not--for the life of him--manage to catch up. Sometimes he would hear a door fall shut, or open, or see a mob of black hair and lavender cloth in the corner of his eye, rounding another corner. But never did he catch up. Weird.

Naruto seemed to know exactly where he was going. Bruce followed the boy through the hospital floor of the Stark tower, down some stairs, by now kind of curious where the boy would lead him. 


The boy led Bruce to the common room. What a weird coincidence. By that time the doctor was sure he should stop the boy, but the moment he raised his voice at him, Naruto had already pulled open the door. 

 Bruce reached the door just a second later, instantly noticing two guns, one repulsor and several other weapons aimed at Naruto. 

He reached to grab the boy's shoulder, but Naruto ducked away without even looking at the doctor and entered the room, apparently not caring about the weapons trained on him. 

All 'Avengers' had gathered in the room. Rogers leaned against the kitchen unit in one corner and shot Stark disapproving glare's, who had seated himself on a chair, resting his crossed legs on the table. The red-haired Agent, sat in the middle of the room on the couch, minding her own business. At least she probably had for the last few minutes. 

Now all attention lay on them, or - better said - the black-haired boy that leaned against the wall and watched them just as carefully. 

"What the fuck?!" exclaimed the billionaire after a minute of silence. 

"Language!", corrected Captain Rogers. 

Naruto cleared his throat. 

"I'm here to discuss something." he said.

 For a moment he looked a little hesitant, then continued, "I would like you all agree, not to chase me, disturb, in any way come close to me nor try to track me down. In exchange I won't draw attention to myself and stay away from all of your businesses, as you do the same for me. Until-", he stopped again, "until I can leave this...place." 

Again, Stark was the first one to react.

"What the hell? Absolutely not!" 


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