Misunderstood ch.2

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I wiped the counter aggressively just thinking about that lyric.

"Tempestt please shut up. And you're using too much bleach." Tokyo said.

I rolled my eyes and went back to cleaning. How she gon tell me how to clean. She better go back to her room before she go in early labor.

"Tokyo, wobble yo ass back up the stairs and you bets not get out your bed no more. You are on bed rest." I told her.

She frowned. Her doctor put her on bed rest until it's time for her to push baby Adeya out.

"Well you down here screaming at the top of your lungs I had to come check on you. You know you got Asthma."

"I feel this song on a spiritual level so I will scream this song." I said defending myself.

She rolled her eyes and went back upstairs. Her attitude lately is horrible. If she starts feeling contractions imma just ignore her. The next song played and I got me in the cleaning mode again.

I fixed the pillows on the couch then went back to the kitchen. Zion, Tokyo's boyfriend came through the door.

"I GOT FOOD- oh you still here." He said

"Zion you lucky it's Sunday because if it wasn't I would molly wop yo ass again." I said looking at him.

"No you won't. I got back up this time."

Kingston walked into the kitchen.

"I'm supposed to be scared of Kingston?" I asked.

He looked at me offended.

"You let her call you by your government? Not even yo' mom can call you that." Zion asked Kingston.

"Shorty insisted that she'd call me that." Was his response.

I scrunched my face. Ion like being referred to as "shorty." Makes me feel like a two dollar hoe.

"Don't call me shorty. Or shawty. My name is Tempestt." I told him.

"My bad." He said.

I nodded accepting his form of apology.

"Tempestt. Are you down here bullying King and Zion." Tokyo's pregnant ass asked coming in the kitchen.

"Didn't I tell yo' ass to not get out your bed?" I looked at her.

"Aye don't be talking my baby momma like that." Zion said.

"First of all. That's my baby. You just provided the sperm." I said rolling my neck.

"And I'm not your baby momma. I'm your girlfriend." Tokyo said.

"PERIOD." I said doing the hand motion.

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