Misunderstood ch.6

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I walked through the park looking for Kingston. He said he was by the playground but I didn't see him. I decided to call him.

"Hey, where are you?" I asked.

"I'm on the playground. There's a table with a unicorn Bookbag on it. Go over there and we'll come to you."

"Uh- okay."

I walked over to the table. My mind was very curious as to who else was here. My mind immediately thought the worse. What if he has a girlfriend already and he wants me to be a part of a three person relationship.

That's actually happened to me before.


I jumped at his voice. I guess I was too deep in thought to notice him walking over to me.

"Hi. You kinda scared me." I got up to hug him.

"My bad. But this Kali. My daughter."

He pointed at a brown skinned little girl with two big puffs on her head. I looked at her and smiled. I'm guessing this is the surprise.

"Kali this is Tempestt." He said introducing her to me.

"Hi Miss.Tempestt. I like your dress. It's really pretty. So are you."

Her big eyes in my face was really shocking. I pinched myself a couple times to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

This is real.

"Thank you. You're pretty also." I said smiling.

Kali went back to the table and I looked at Kingston. He was just smiling like he was proud of something.

"Uhm. So you have a kid. And it's a girl." I said.

"Yea. I was gonna just tell you but I thought you guys meeting in person was better." He said.

I nodded. It's not a problem that he has a kid but now I feel pressured to impress her. I mean meeting someone's mom is kinda stressful but meeting the child. They basically make all the decisions.

"I brought food and I know you're always down to eat witcho fat ass." He said grabbing my butt.

I popped his hand.

"Sir. Your child is right there. You have to demonstrate how boys are supposed to treat her."

He looked at me confused. I shrugged and went to the table with Kali. I talked with her and even went to the park with her. Kingston pushed us on the swings. I actually had fun with her.

"Bye Tempestt." Kali yelled from her dad's car.

"Bye Kali." I yelled back.

Kingston closed her door and walked over to me.

"Call me when you get home." He said.

"Okay. I had fun today. You actually made my day better cause it didn't start too well." I told him.

"Well, can I get a kiss for it then." He asked.

I shook my head no, then pointed at Kali whose face was stuck to the window. She waved at me and I waved back.

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