Misunderstood ch.8

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"Oh my gosh Tempestt." Tokyo said.

I nodded agreeing with her reaction. Zion, Cj and Kingston entered the kitchen.

"Is this like one of y'all girl rituals cause I'll leave." Zion stopped in his steps.

He was looking at me holding up my skirt. I turned around and showed them my tattoo.

"I got a tattoo." I said excitedly.

It was an snake with cattleya flowers around it.

"I like it." Kingston said.

I felt my face light up. I really like compliments. Especially about things I come up with on my own.


"Yea. It's fire." He said, making me smile.

"I like it too. Can't wait to smack it when we fuck." Cj said.

I put my skirt down and dropped my smile. He always gotta ruin something. I sat down and sipped on my drink.

"What made you get a tattoo?" Tokyo asked.

"I saw a guy with a lot of tattoos and I liked them. Then I found out he was a drug dealer. And a tattoo artist." I said.

She looked at me confused and concerned.

"Oh. He was licensed, don't worry." I said.

She let out a sigh of relief. I'm kinda offended that she thinks low of me. Why would I get a tattoo from some random drug dealer off the street?

"Well it's cute. Maybe he can do mine that I want for Adeya." She said.

I nodded. I'm suddenly hungry.

"Well I'm leaving now. I'm hungry and tired."

I grabbed my keys and hugged Tokyo. I went to my car and ordered my food.

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