Misunderstood ch.11

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"Hey Kingston. Sorry for uhm.... ghosting you."


"Hi Kingston. Uhm... so I missed you."


"Hey. You look nice. Like always."

Nope. Maybe I should just wave at him or act like I don't see him.

"Who the fuck is you taking to you."

I looked at my cousin Ty standing in my doorway. He moved in with me a week ago when he got out of jail for credit card scamming.

"To myself." I said.

"Bitch your name is not Kingston. You got split personalities?" He asked.

I put my curling iron down and shook my head.

"No. Kingston is the guy I told you about. He's probably gonna be at this party we're going to so I gotta be prepared to run into him." I said while finger combing my hair.

"Ohhhh. I'm even more excited now." Ty said.

I shook my head. I stood up and looked in my long mirror. I added the hat to finish my costume.

"I think my costume fits my personality well." I said.

"Yea. Cause you're crazy." Ty said.

"At least I was creative. You just dressed as a cat."

"I'm a cute cat bitch. At least I'm not the Mad Hatter and wear a big ass hat on my head."

Damn. He really came for my costume. I still think it's cute. I looked at the time on my phone.

"Come on. I told Tokyo I would help her set up." I said to Ty.

We left my apartment then got in my car after doing a couple more things.


Music played as people walked around in their costumes interacting with each other. Tokyo has a costume party every year for Halloween. Mostly because it gets her bonus points at work and because it's her favorite holiday.

"Tempestt this is Jasmine. My work best friend." Tokyo said.

A light skin girl with curly black hair stood in front of me. This bitch got some legs on her.

"Hi. You must be her best friend." She said.

"Yea." I said.

I wasn't gonna be all friendly mostly because I don't know shawty.

"Oh. Well I like your costume. The Mad Hatter is probably my favorite character besides the Queen of hearts." Jasmine said.

"Thanks." I said dryly.

Tokyo gave me a look basically saying to be nice. I'm not even being rude.

"Oh King, I was looking for you." Tokyo said.

Kingston appeared next to me. I looked at him and he looked at me.

"King this is my friend Jasmine." Tokyo introduced them.

"Nice to meet you King." Jasmine said smiling.

She didn't smile when she talked to me.

"Wassup. I like yo' costume." Kingston said.

I don't like that. How come he didn't say anything to me. Not a hi or stupid bitch. Just a stare.

"Uhm. I'm going to get a drink if that's okay." I said.

"Yea that's okay." Tokyo said.

I walked away and over to the refreshments. I looked at all the cups. Pink for taken, Orange for single, green for complicated and yellow for not looking for a relationship. I picked a yellow cup and filled it with some drink mix. I walked around looking for Ty. Of course he was somewhere doing something he wasn't. I grabbed him away from the old man before he could take his wallet.

"Bitch. Don't be stopping my bags."

"I was saving you from going back to jail."

He rolled his eyes and walked away. I went to go find Tokyo. Seeing her dancing I went to join her. Kingston was still around but he was talking to Zion. I eventually got tired of dancing and sat down with my drink. I rocked side to side singing all the old school songs. I looked around the party. Kingston and Jasmine dancing caught my eyes. They're dancing kinda close. I watched his hands go up and down her body. Eventually he rested them on her waist. I turned away not wanting to see anymore. Not wanting to be here anymore I found Ty and we left.

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