Misunderstood ch.12

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I slowly pushed the basket down the aisle looking for brownie mix. I found one that I liked and went to the next aisle. Jasmine, Tokyo's friend from the party was in the same aisle. I pretended to not see her to avoid conversation.

"Hey. Aren't you Tokyo's friend Tanisha." She asked.

This bitch would see me. But she got my name wrong.

"It's Tempestt but yea." I said.

"Oh. My bad. I'm not good with names." She said.

I nodded.

"It sucks you left the party so early." She continued talking.

"Yea. I wasn't feeling well so I went home. Don't wanna spread anything to someone." I lied.

Honestly I just didn't want to watch her dancing all over my future baby daddy and husband.

"Oh. Well it was nice seeing you." She said.

I faked smiled and continued shopping.


"Imma get fat living with you. All you do is eat like you got a broken heart." Ty said.

Maybe because I am. But I'm the one one that broke my heart so I guess I'm the one to blame.

"Well I kinda do." I mumbled.

I got another brownie and the wine bottle from the kitchen. I went to the living room and sat on the couch.

"Who broke your heart?" Ty asked.

I drank the wine from the bottle to flush down the brownie.

"Myself. I broke my own heart."

"Bitch you sound dumb."

"No. Really. I broke my own heart by being afraid of falling in love again just to realize that I actually need him in my life but now I don't know how to get him back in my life and it's killing me." I said in distress.

Ty just looked at me.

"And it kills me. To know how much I really love you. So much I wanna woo ho ho. To you oou." He sang while shaking his shoulders.

I looked at him trying not to laugh. It was actually funny but the wrong timing.

"Well how about the next time you see him you express that to him. I'm sure he'll understand."

Sounds like a good idea. But I'll have to be like a little tipsy to actually do that. I've never been good with expressing myself.

"I'll do that. But we gotta have drinks on hand so I can actually explain it." I said.

"Bitch you're a drunk."

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