Misunderstood ch.13

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Sitting on Tokyo's barstool I slowly sipped on my drink looking at Jasmine smiling all in Kingston's face. And he was smiling back. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. I've had an slight attitude since I got here. I was really confident coming over here today because I just knew that Kingston would be here and I was gonna get the chance to tell him how I feel. But when I walked inside Tokyo's house the first thing I saw was Jasmine sitting on Kingston's lap. So now I'm sitting here sipping a margarita pretending that it's something stronger because I can't go to the liquor store.

"Trinity. Could you pass me the chips." Jasmine asked.

I rolled my eyes before responding. "My name is Tempestt but here."

I  threw the bag at her. I'm really over this Jasmine chick.

"Tempestt. That was rude. All she did was mess up your name." Tokyo said.

"No, she called me a different name after she's heard my name multiple times." I said, still having an attitude because now I gotta defend my actions.

"Throwing the chips was still unnecessary." Kingston said.

I looked at him. So this is the first thing he wants to say to me. I've seen him on two different occasions and he said nothing to me. But I throw chips at Jasmine and now he has something to say.

"It was an honest mistake." Jasmine said.

"That's coo. You know my actual name now so use it." I said walking out of the kitchen.

I went into the living room where Adeya and Zion were. I sat on the floor and began playing with Adeya. I felt an unwanted presence around me. I looked up and saw Tokyo looking down at me.

"Yes?" I looked at her.

"We need to talk." She said.

"Okay." I responded.

I waited for her to say something. Getting the memo I stopped playing with Adeya and went to the hallway by the guest bathroom.

"What's your issue with Jasmine?" Tokyo asked.

"I don't have a problem with her." I lied.

"Uhm yes you do. Is it cause she's talking to Kingston because if so you really got-."

"She's talking to Kingston? Like starting a relationship with him?" I interrupted her.

"Uhm. I don't know about all that. They did go on a few dates from what she told me." Tokyo said.

I lowered my eyes. Does she not see the issue I see? I literally told Tokyo how I felt about Kingston. And now she's letting her other friend get with the guy I'm in love with. That doesn't seem like a best friend to me. That's actually some really weird shit.

"So basically you're letting the man I love be with your other friend. That's some weird shit Tokyo. Especially when you're the one who told me I should talk to him." I said.

She didn't say anything so I walked away to get my stuff and leave. I'm honestly hurt. I always have her back when it comes to her and Zion. The one time she could have looked out for me she didn't.

"Tempestt it's not like that. You're overthinking the whole thing. You always do." Tokyo said.

"No Tokyo. You're a bad friend. Don't try to say I'm overthinking because the evidence is in the kitchen." I walked away.

I hugged Adeya and Zion.

"You're leaving?" Zion asked.

"Yea." I sighed.

I said bye to Jasmine and Kingston so I wouldn't seem more mean and petty than they already think. I walked past Tokyo going to the door.

"Call me when you get home." She shouted.

I rolled my eyes and go in my car.

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