Hustler ch.1

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"Hey baby." I spoke into the phone.

Bills are due and I don't have enough to cover all of them. I called one of my lil hoes. I like to refer to them as trusts though. They're like my personal ATMs.

"Tabatha, how much you need?" He asked.

I smiled. He already knew the program. Usually I gotta sweet talk my way into it. Which I hate.

"How much you got right now?" I asked.

"Few stacks." He said.

That's more than enough. I didn't need all of it but I was gonna ask for it anyway.

"That's enough. Be here by ten and I might have something for you." I said.

"Aight shorty." He said.

I hung up and went to the kitchen looking for something quick to cook. Most likely he was coming from work so I know he was gonna be hungry. Growing up I was told the quickest way to a man's wallet was through his stomach and my throat. My mother shouldn't have been able to be a mom.

I looked at the time seeing I had thirty minutes till he got here. I turned off the stove and ran to my room to take a shower and put on a lingerie set. While rubbing shea butter on my body I heard a knock on my door. I grabbed my robe and went to the door. I put it on then opened the door. Troy looked at me and bit his lip before picking me up. He leaned in to kiss me but I hopped down.

"I cooked for you." I told him.

He went to my living room and sat down. I went to the kitchen and made him a plate. I took the plate to him along with a beer.

"Thanks shorty." He said.

I nodded and sat on the chair diagonal from my couch. Looking at him he was really fine. He'd also make a perfect boyfriend. Just not for me.

Once he was done eating I took his plate to the kitchen. Coming back to the living room I straddled his lap.

"So can I have the money now?" I asked.

He pulled out half a stack and put it on my couch. I smiled and got off him. I sent him on his way out the door.

"Hol up. You said you had something for me." He said.

"I did. A meal. Your girlfriend can't cook. Bye boo." I said.

He smacked his lips and left. I closed and locked my door. I picked up my money off the couch and went to my room. I'll be going to the billing center tomorrow.

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