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Narrator's P.O.V
Taehyung couldn't believe his ears and he felt as though he was dreaming.. as the only thing he could think was: does she really mean that?

Before he could think futher on that thought.. Lisa starts laughing and Taehyung notices Yn start to get angry... like scary angry as she went back to her conversation with Lisa and asked in demanding tone;

"What's so funny?!"

"Oh, it's nothing. Just the thought of you two together.. it's kinda silly don't you think-"

"No, I don't."

Yn said in the same tone as before as, making Lisa slowly stop laughing as the realization of everything hit her as she awkwardly asks;

"Wait.. you're being serious? I mean you ACTUALLY.. have feelings for him?"

"Yes, I do."

Yn says softly while smiling and looking over Taehyung,  who is still processing everything that he just heard her say, suddenly Lisa says;

"Well even if you DO have feelings for him.. I doubt think it'll work out. I mean come on Yn, you're his secretary and he's your boss plus he's too focused on work to get interested in someone.. and he has a kid-"

"Okay.. I understand what you're saying but why bring Taeyungie into this?"

"Taeyungie? Seriously, you have little nicknames for his son-"

"Answer my question."

"Fine.. Yn get real for a second.. no one wants a kid that's not their own and the only times that they do want one, it's usually because they can't-"

"They can't have children.... like me."

At her last sentence, Yn frowned as she felt tears forming in her eyes and before Lisa could get an apology out to her, Yn quietly says;

"You should "get real" too and realize that some people just really don't care, also like me. I could care less that he had a child from a previous marriage or girlfriend or whatever, all that doesn't matter to me. I love Taehyung and I adore his son.. and if things work out with him then I'll be really happy.. and even if things don't work out between us.. I'll still be really happy because I have one of the best bosses in the world and I get to take care of the sweetest little boy-"

"Wait.. wait.. what do you mean "if things do or don't work out between you two" --- Are you seriously planning on confessing to him?!"

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