3: Home Sweet Home

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The tour felt like forever with Marcus breathing down my damn neck the entire time. Constantly trying the make small talk and touching me at every moment he had an opportunity to. It felt like Marcus had a full-time career trying my patience. I was grateful when Samari left the groups behind in the main living quarters of the building to show me mine.

"Sorry again that your so split away from everyone Y/N. I guess they figured we should be posted as close to our departments as possible."

"Eh," I shrugged "I kind of prefer it honestly thought of living next to that Marcus dude makes me want to crawl into a hole if you know what I mean." 

"Yeah, He seemed to be all over you, I could even see a bit of drool coming out of his mouth when you bent over to helped that girl pick up her stuff." She playfully shoved my arm. "The day care is just over there. the party space and movie theater are close by too."

We rounded the corner to a long hall and stopped about midpoint in front of a black door Samari unlocked the door and as we stepped in flicked on the lights.

"Well, damn this is nicer than mine." She complained jokingly throwing her hands up into the air. 

It was nice but plain, a small red sofa sat on the right-hand wall and a large bed sat just under a window all the way in the back. There was a small kitchen to my left and a door I assumed was the bathroom. It wasn't too big nor too small, simply perfect for me to set up all my art supplies with extra space. The ceiling was stretched up high Moon and Sun could probably stand comfortably here.

"Well Y/N, here is your keys. Most of the new staff are planning to move in this weekend so all the rolling bins available that way you're not carrying pounds of stuff up here." She explained continuing to pacing the studio checking everything out. "Sunday we are having kind of a party to welcome everyone to the team and for everyone to get acquainted with each other and the animatronics."

"Oh really, even Sun and Moon?" Samari raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Uh maybe, I mean they don't really leave the daycare department but feel free to extend the invite. I think it would be nice for the crew to see them again and for the newbies to at least know who they are." I nodded and busied myself pretending to analyze the room.

"You get free meals on working days, and your uniform will be in by Sunday. Other than that, there isn't much else, so I am going to head back to my own room."

"Right, thanks for walking me this whole way I know it's pretty far."

"Eh, it's no problem." Samari waved it off.

"Samari, if you don't mind me asking, is there anyone close to me you know in case of anything." I gave her a nervous smile. The thought of being completely secluded from everything and people made me a bit uneasy.

"Sun and Moons room are right at the end of the hall it actually connects directly into the daycare so you're never too far from anyone. Plus, there are camera's watching the entrance to the hall so don't worry you're more than safe." I breathed a sigh of relief as Samari exited the room.

I sat on the floor resting my back on the couch closing my eyes for a moment I felt so exhausted from all the walking. I wasn't too sure how long I sat their it wasn't until a loud bang on the adjacent wall jerked me back to the present. Groaning I pulled myself from the floor. I really needed to head out and get packing for the move.

I turned off the lights and locked the door behind me. I glanced down the hall to the second black door. An urge to go and knock, I wondered how big Sun would smile or how surprised Moon would be. But I fought against it and made my way to the car and gave Stephen a goodbye wave.

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