Mariah Fett: Daughter of Boba Fett Preview!

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(Edit done by me:95nicholasnm)

In the next shots I will be doing the Boba Fett Biological parent where Marinette is the daughter of the former bounty hunter Boba Fett in which Sabine is still her mother but during her time before she met Tom she met Boba who was traveling around the galaxy and ventured into the unknown region in which a lot of travelers and governments wouldn't dare to go that far to see what lies beyond their sectors but Boba however did and he landed on the planet known as Earth and had a look around while keeping a low profile and while he was there he met a beautiful Chinese woman who taught him everything about earth and its people and promised to keep his identity and where he comes from a secret in which they both fell in love and had a daughter named Mariah Cheng Fett in which Boba was happy that he had a child of his own but due to business he had to leave earth but gave Sabine something so that he can always contact her and see how she and his daughter are doing and told her if something happens she must move on and look after their daughter and some years later Sabine married a baker named Tom who became Mariah's step father and Sabine decided to have her name changed to Marinette Dupain Cheng and keep the Fett name a secret from her until it was time to tell her the truth of who her real father was and the only one who knew the truth was Tom who also made contact with Boba with the device he gave Sabine in which Tom told Boba that he will keep his daughter safe in which Boba thanks him for looking after Sabine and his daughter. Boba told Sabine one day he will return to earth to see her as well as his first born child to see the girl she grew up to be and tell her about who he is. 

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