Chapter 20 - Creatures From Within

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It had almost been a week since Alana had arrived at Audoria.

Things had finally started to settle down for her. 

Classes were less confusing than usual, though Science and Magical Arts was a headache. 

You'd think that once you know how to make flowers bloom anywhere and explode things in flames, you wouldn't need science. 

Apparently, science still existed in Audoria.

But other than that, life has been pretty good for Alana. 

She had finally gotten used to her nocturnal timetable, and no longer was late to class.

She had unenrolled in Magic Management class and had started taking private lessons with Queen Arachna every week. 

Queen Arachna was back to her usual cold and mysterious self, making no mention of her recent major temper tantrum. 

Not that Alana minded.

Even Lisha was starting to act a little less hostile towards Alana, and had invited her to sit with Evie and Malena at dinner. It was a nice start, though Alana was kind of annoyed how they kept on talking about rankings and awards and weird wizard boy bands.

It was fun being with Camillia and Kiara too, but sometimes, being with them made Alana feel like a third wheel. 

She knew they were trying their best to include her, but when they started laughing about childhood memories or talking about their parents, Alana couldn't help but feel a little lonely.


Alana spun around to see Evie Storm running towards her down the corridor, with Malena and Lisha at her heels.

Evie frowned at Alana. 

"Where's your hat?"

Alana flushed. She had purposely left that black piece of rubbish at her dorm. 

"I forgot it," she lied.

Evie shrugged, adjusting her pointy hat so that it didn't squish her dark, wavy locks. "Suit yourself," she tilted her head upwards and began walking down the corridor again.

"We're getting our familiars today," Malena said, walking alongside Alana. "Aren't you excited?"

"Really?" Alana had not forgotten about the magical soul pets. She grinned, remembering Selena's pet gecko and Raven's racoon.

A pet of her own.

Her parents back home would never agree to that.

"Yep!" Malena chirped. "Today. Right now."

"You mean in Creatures and Botany class," Lisha corrected, walking briskly ahead of them.

"It's the next class," Malena said. "You get the point."

Alana smiled to herself as they exited the castle foyer and stepped onto the silvery grassy grounds behind the academy, moonlight glinting off the roofs of the greenhouses in a distance, pine trees' leaves rustling in the woods beyond.

Alana looked up to the bright moon. She closed her eyes. 

Maybe... she wouldn't be so lonely after getting an animal of her own.


It was chaos.


Alana was in pain. All she could see was black. Black, with slashes of white and red. She screamed in agony. It was like her soul was being ripped apart and put together at the same time.

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