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Oh shit.

Shit, shit, shit. I can't do this today.

Me: Are any of you free today?

It takes the group a couple of minutes to collect all of the responses.

Lina: No sorry! Most of us are on a case.

Ness: I have a meeting with publishers :( sorry Han.

Fuck. Shit. Fuck.

Raf: me and Sof are out of town sorry

Ness: is something wrong?

Dexter: ??

I look around my apartment like something will magically appear to fix my problems. Nothing happens.

A plan. Okay, I'll just go to the facility and finish up the mural. What do I have left to do? Stars, just stars.

Okay. That's a plan.

Me: Everything's fine! I'll be at the facility finishing the mural. Just wanted to know who'll be there.

Dexter: Morelli should be there

Of course. He is everywhere. Like a little flu that just won't leave. Sniffles for days. I groan, trudging to my bedroom and falling back on my bed. I wait for two minutes to drag myself to my dresser to pick out an outfit. I'm slower than a goddamn mummy getting ready for the day. I'm dreading living through today already.

I reach my kitchen and dig through my pantry for a granola bar. I frown. I don't have any, I must've eaten them all. Fuck. I'll just stop by the nearest Dairy Queen on my way to the facility.

The drive over feels shorter than usual. Every time I turn on my blinker, every time I take a turn, I see myself doing the action before my brain can recognize I'm doing it. I've been to the facility over a dozen times now, half of the time just to talk with the team, my friends.

It's weird to me. The thought of having an actual friend group. Hell, I haven't had a group of people to hang out with since grade school. It sounds sad, but I couldn't care less at the time. I liked keeping to myself, focusing on schoolwork. I got straight A's, I can say that proudly.

Oh. I'm here.

My head bumps against the headrest of my car, and I groan. Three breaths, in and out. It'll be okay. Just don't think about it.



My head swings to the side, causing a slight pain in my neck. My hair swishes, sticking to my lip gloss. Morelli's perfect face shocks me in my seat. "What the hell are you doing?" His voice sounds muffled because of the glass he's staring at me through.

I huff, rolling down my window. He has to crouch down to see me, his head almost past the car door. He's so close, I think to myself. I tilt my head, "I was having a mental moment, Morelli. What's it to you?"

"Simple curiosity. That's all."

"Oh, you're curious now? Did you unlock that emotion recently, or was it just stuffed away in your back pocket for later?"

He reaches his hand through the open window. I still, my breath halting. My eyes track his fingers and it reaches down the car door, and presses the 'unlock' button. I hear the car click, and he pulls his hand out, opening the door from the outside. I release a breath.

I glare at him before grabbing my bag from the passenger seat. I step out, one foot after another, my heels clicking on the pavement. I roll back up the window before shutting the door. I turn around and look at him. He's so close.

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