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He took her to the construction area where the suitcase was kept.

As they took each step, Pariwash muttered "Bismillah" all the way because she was a scaredy cat from childhood.

She only knew how many exhibitions and projects she skipped or avoided because she was afraid of this stuff.

Thanks to her theory marks, that saved her every time.

They stood in front of the suitcase.

Pariwash had her fingers interlaced with Wajdaan's.

She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed to be proved wrong

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She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed to be proved wrong.

But fate always plans something different from what we have planned.

The suitcase was going to shake her world and change it forever.

A labourer opened the flap of the suitcase.

Pariwash moved her gaze slowly to the suitcase.

While something caught Wajdaan's eyes.

As soon as Pariwash's eyes fell on the skeleton and the clothing it was wrapped in, she stumbled back in shock.

Wajdaan held her quickly & asked, "Kya hua hai pari?"

Pariwash spoke to the laborer, "Bhai iss suitcase ko please hamari car ke yahan rakhwaden"

Wajdaan looked at her, trying to understand what was going on in her mind.

The labourers nodded and carried the suitcase to their car.

Pariwash & Wajdaan followed them.

They placed it near the car and left.

Pariwash kept staring at the suitcase absentmindedly.

Wajdaan turned her towards him & questioned, "Pari, kya chal raha hai?" Kuch bataogi mujhe? "

Pariwash opened the car door & took the letter out & handed it to wajdaan.

Wajdaan held it & started reading it. He went through a lot of emotions reading it, but the last few lines shook him to the core.

Pariwash then took the newspaper cutting out and placed it in his hand.

Wajdaan looked at the couple in the photograph.

He squeezed his eyes shut.

Even a blind person could see the similarities between the dresses in both.

She moved forward, placing her head on his chest as she muffled her sob.

Wajdaan was too shaken to even wrap his arms around her... He stood frozen.

Their trance broke when they saw a car approaching them... It was Kaazim Shah's car followed by Dr. Faizan's car, who were accompanied by their wives.

Wajdaan interlaced his fingers with Pariwash's.

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