day 2

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(Just so you know you were In the daycare today because sun needed help and moon was off work)

Pov of idfk
Today everyone seems pissed. there was 3 moms that had yelled at you today because you didn't have what they wanted, a dad yelled at you cus your costume (of which you can't control) was to revealing and one of the kids at the daycare kicked you for no reason. right now you were saying goodbye to the kids and taking them to their parents "excuse Me ma'am" says a mother "yes ma'am how may I help you?" You say very nicely "you shouldn't be working with children especially wearing something like that and don't call me ma'am I'm not that old" she says looking you up and down "I'm sorry miss I can't control my cost-" you get stopped "I don't care I won't come back if my child is going to be around someone dressed like you" she says harshly pushing her finger onto your shoulder "ma'am please don't hurt honey she's trying her best" sunny says removing the ladys hand from your shoulder "and if you really don't like it you don't have to come here we have plenty of children that are waiting to join the daycare" sunny says "she's right the bunny lady needs a different costume" a man yells. Sunny gets tired of the people yelling at you so he announces the daycare is closed which is fine because the pizzaplex closes in less than an hour but he closes the daycare and y'all walk back to the apartments. "Thank you sunny for walking home with me and for earlier do you maybe want to come eat dinner with me?" You ask him "I would love to but I can't I have to make dinner for moon he got sick I need to help him" sunny says "oh how about I make dinner for both of you!" You say and before he can answer you run into your apartment and get ready to start cooking.

372 words thxs for reading
Have a good day or else I'll come to your house and rip your vocal chords out ❤🧡💛💚💙🤎🖤🤍

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