Chapter 3

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It felt like every nerve in my body was working overtime as my dad tried to calm my shaking body. Whispering sweet words to me, telling me it will be fine. That he just mind linked the pack to inform them of the invasion but with no real reasoning as to why these witches were here. I guess he thought it was safer. As he stood up, I knew with every fiber in me that he was going to go outside to help defend our home. To defend me. The fear overwhelmed me in that instant. The pack wasn't going to make it in time. We had to move into the house furthest from the pack house because we wanted our "privacy." I shot up off the couch, knowing very well the possibility that my mom might not make it out alive.

I rushed to the front door. My long brown curly hair swinging in front of my eyes, I reached the door handle, snatching the door open. I could feel my instincts trying to take over as my body started to shift. My inner wolf is ready to defend our house and home. Before I could step out of the house, my dad's strong arms wrapped around my waist, trying to pull me into the house. My claws were out with a grip on the outer doorframe of the house as the cold winter wind whipped around me, slapping my face.

"Let me go dad!" I screamed, trying to pull out of his vice grip.

"This was not the fight she wanted you to prepare for. Calm down and come inside so I can help your mother. The pack will be here any minute to help." My father replies while trying to maintain a calm voice.

As I looked up from the wood on the front deck, I had started to release my grip. I noticed a woman walking towards my mother with Rachel in tow. Trying to see through the furious downfall of snow. This woman next to Rachel had pale skin, long black hair, and glowing green eyes. They had said a few words back and forth before my mom went in for the attack. Her curly long brown hair that I inherited from her blowing through the wind as she charged the witch. Before my mom could land a hit, there was a light orange glow between the whole coven surrounding their bodies as it surged toward the head witch. Igniting her body in a deep orange glow. I watched as she raised her hand, and with the flick of her wrist, my mom's neck twisted, and she instantly fell to the cold, wet, snow-covered floor.

"No, no, NOOO!" I screamed out in pain as the witch turned to me. Eyes still glowing green, she turns her head and gives me the most evil and wicked smile. I was instantly pissed.

Gripping harder to the door frame, I kicked out of my dad's grip. Lunging off the front porch, I shifted mid-air, landing on four gray paws I could feel the strength of my wolf. Her power surging through me, I let out the most nasty snarl that even left me surprised. Before I could take off to attack the nasty bitch who had just killed my mother, I was tackled from behind by a big brown wolf. I snarled at my father, warning him to get off of me and to let me go so I could kill the worthless piece of garbage  that just destroyed our hearts. I could see the reflection of my eyes glowing in his. My normally blue eyes were glowing just like the witches had. Except mine were still blue, just much more vibrant and with a neon glow.

My dad growled back. With his big brown paws pushing on my chest, I turned my head to see that the pack had arrived. I could see them sneak up on the back of the coven, ripping apart the garbage piece by piece. That's when I noticed the green eyes disappeared into the tree line. I tried to squirm out from under my dad growling and trying to kick him off. I wanted that bitch dead! She just took my mother's life, and she thinks that she can just walk away unharmed. I wanted to rip the flesh from her bones while she was alive so she could feel every bit of pain that my soul was feeling at this moment.

My dad snarled at me, snapping me out of my blood boiling rage. As I looked at him, I could see the tears running down his snout. I couldn't help the ones that ran down mine as I realized it was my fault. I quit fighting and let out the most painful whimper mixed with a howl, I directed it to the sky hoping my mom would somehow hear how much I loved her and how sorry I was for letting her down.

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