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Y/N's POV:

We got to the end of the vent. I peeked out and raised an eyebrow as I noticed we were still in the daycar where the golden statues of Sun and Moon were.
The place was a little lit so I could still see around, but there wasn’t enough light for Sunny to return.

"Are you fucking kidding me...." i sighed.

"What? What is it?" Moon peeked out his head and looked around.
"Oh. I thought this vent led somewhere else."

"Somewhere else where?" I looked at him annoyed.

"Somewhere other than here. Meh, it doesn't matter, let's just get out from here, it's pretty narrow." He complained.

I wanted to jump down but a pair of hands grabbed me before I wanted to move.
"Lemme get you down there." He said and wrapped his one arm around me.

"It's not that high, you know."
I said as he already jumped from the vent to the ground. He put me back on my feet, turned around towards him.

I was wondering what time it was so i looked on my fazwatch. It shows exactly 3.30. It’s still a few minutes until 4 in the morning so I can finally get to Freddy again and keep looking for friends.

"What'cha looking on that?"
Moon asked.

"Just the time." I sighed.
Then I felt hunger. I haven't eaten anything in quite a few hours.
I put my hand on stomach and then looked Moon.

"Oh, hungry now, are we?" He crossed his arms.

"Yes, pretty much. Is there anything-"

He cut me off "I'll prepare you some, follow me." He told and led me past the statues all the way down some sort of balcony that was next to where the daycare playroom was. I noticed a large number of doors and he choosed first ones.

He opened them for me to go inside.
As i walked in I noticed a long table on which birthday hats and napkins were set.
I also noticed that there was also a small kitchen counter where there must be some snacks.

"Take sit, I'll look for some food for you." He patted my shoulder and opened the drawers and searched while I sat down on one of the chairs and waited.

"Look, if there's nothing, no need to-"

"Nah-ah, I will not let you starve." He responded. "Ah-ha! Oh.... frozen pizza." He turned around towards me and showed me. "I found only frozen pizza in the freezer. Is that alright if you'll wait for it to bake?" He awkwrdly laugh.

"As long is the food, sure yeah, i'll wait." I chuckled.

~time skip~

As the pizza was baking in the oven I saw that Moon was still looking for something in the drawers.
"Why don't you sit down and-."

Then he pulled out some apron and tied it around his thin waist.

He spun arund to face me. "How do i look?" He flirted as if he wanted to impress me.

"You look ridiculous..." i smirked.

He put his hand on the left side of his chest as if he was offended.
"Excuse me?"

"Ridiculously cute." I finished.

"Not so sure if you meant that in a good or a bad way." He holded the kitchen spoon and was tapping it on his palm.

I lean my elbow on the corner of the chair. "I'm just joking silly, you look very handsome chef."

Even though he can’t show the expressions on his face, I could conclude that he found the compliment quite likeable.

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