XLII. The Way I See It

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A new day, a new itinerary. Jungwon had just finished one of his classes for the day - heading immediately out of the classroom door. He was really excited to arrive at his next destination because he felt that the person he'll go to will give him the most inspiration for his homework.

In his class, they were tasked to look for a 'client' - it can be their parents, sibling, or friend - and they have to make a basic architectural moldboard based on said person's interests and aesthetic preference.

Among all his friends, he thought that the perfect 'client' would be the one who is a perfect definition of grace and beauty - the one and only ice prince.

He doesn't exactly know where Sunghoon is, but there's a high chance he's in the ice skating rink.

Jungwon traveled quite a distance. The building wherein he came from is far away from the school's ice skating rink. He still couldn't believe a school has a skating rink - he keeps forgetting he studies at one of the biggest schools in the country.

After a long walk, he entered the stadium through its shiny metal door - immediately feeling the cold air surrounding his body.

As he walked further into the rink, he could only see a few people inside - one adult who is most likely the coach, and 3 student-athletes, one of which is Sunghoon.

Jungwon saw that they were still skating on the ice, dashing through the cold, and doing combinations of intricate moves. He stayed put on the bleachers, not wanting to disturb the practice. He has a lot of spare time before his next class though, so he decided to watch until they finish.

The three athletes suddenly gather around their coach he had an important announcement.

"The qualification tournament is near. There are only five slots in the national team, and there are other skaters out there with the same goal as you. I know you may treat each other as rivals for the spot, but I hope you help each other so that you can all be on the national team." the coach said, hoping that they'd keep the team spirit.

"Well I would be glad to help just this once, but there's someone here who'd rather make out with their significant other than practice. What a waste of talent. " Donghyun - a taller younger boy indirectly referred to Sunghoon.

"You little-" Sunghoon approached, ready to fight the boy - but was stopped by their coach.

"Stop that. Donghyun, I know you practice the most among the 3 of you, but Sunghoon practices at the specified time. Just because you work overtime doesn't mean you can talk like that to people who have other things they want to do."

The coach looks sternly at Donghyun, disappointed that his team of three is far from being close friends.

He dismisses the three, Sunghoon immediately leaving to get Donghyun out of his sight.

He doesn't get it. Ever since he, Donghyun, and their other friend Suho - ever since they made it to the school's skating team, Donghyun has never seen him as a teammate and most definitely not as a friend.

In Donghyun's eyes, Sunghoon and Suho are his rivals. After all, their figure skating is an individual activity.

It's either him or them.

Sunghoon headed to the bleachers to get his things - surprised to see more than just his gym bag, but his dongsaeng as well.

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