Part 30

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Y'all I was having dinner with my friend and her friends and she told them I like to write so they asked me what I write and I was like "uh...idk" bc I DEADASS DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. But in my head I was like I write smutty gay werewolf romance what about it? 😤

Well that's how my day went. How are y'all?


"Wait, so he made you dinner?"

I nod.

"And breakfast?" Lylah asks with wide eyes.


"And he made you come?"

"Lylah!" I put a finger to my lips, giving her a look that says 'shush!!'

She looks apologetic, but excitement simmers below the surface. "I'm sorry! I'm just like--impressed! You finally found your inner hoe,"

I flush. "It's not like we went that far. He didn't even...come,"

"That's cause you passed out like a virgin the second he was done. Poor guy. Must've been agony."

"Really?" I look at her with wide eyes, worry pooling in my gut.

"Oh, Ash I'm joking. It sounds like he was totally into it!"

"But do you think he doesn't like that I'm a virgin? Like, that I'm not experienced?"

"No, Ash," Lylah shakes her head with a groan, "I mean it's a good thing--that he prioritizes your pleasure over his. He's totally whipped for you!"

"I don't know about that...I don't even know if this means we're dating," I admit. I've actually been thinking about this a lot. Wondering what Daemon sees me as. And I've never been in a relationship before to know what establishes one.

"Wait, you mean he hasn't made it official yet?"

I shake my head. We haven't really talked about things like that. I mean, the past week since our night at his place, we've been texting nonstop, sneaking kisses when he comes over to the house, just in general having our little thing together. What the thing is, however, is unclear to me.

"I guess you don't have to label it yet. You don't have to rush things,"

"Yeah?" I say, trying to feel some relief.

"Yeah...But full honesty. Do you think he could be your mate?"

The dreaded question. The one I want to know the answer to so badly. "I...don't know. I don't bring it up because he's just never reacted positively to the topic of mates..."

"But he hasn't found his mate yet, right? It could be you!"

"I wish.."

"Ash, sweetie. It's obvious he likes you. I know how you are. You doubt yourself for no reason. But now you need to be the one to take the chance,"


"Yes! Be more confident in yourself! I mean, you've got fuckin Daemon Steele in your bed. That's crazy!" she practically yells and I wince.

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