6: It's All Fun and Games 🍊

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Mature warning - Details of Foreplay and Teasing. The beginning and end will be label for those who wish to skip it is not plot driven you wont be missing any important details. 

I stared at the mirror uncertainly. I have never been more embarrassed to wear a uniform. The round poufy shorts were way too short and the white shirt with puffy sleeves to match seemed to scoop too low for comfort. The vest that came with the uniform did nothing but draw attention to my chest. How the hell was this uniform made for someone working in the daycare? I just felt silly, like I was wearing a Halloween costume.

I was glad I had woken up early. I tried multiple things to trouble shoot the way to reveling uniform, but I could only settle on a pair of mismatched stockings that had the same coloring. There wasn't much I could do for the top. By the time I left I was just glad to have my legs covered. I grabbed the gifts and headed out of the door.

I crept into the daycare center hopping over the railing taking the stairs down to the main floor. I didn't want to use the slide again and make too much noise. Samari said that Moon and Sun's room were connected directly to the day care, so I didn't want to disturb them given it was a few hours before opening.

I sat down at my desk, flicking on the computer, it slowly buzzed alive. I wanted to get some morning paperwork out of the way before the little ones got here. While waiting for it to load I spun around in my wheelie chair eating my breakfast. The room was dim and silent, a stark contrast to when I was first in here.

I grabbed the day's schedule off the desk to check it out. Since it was opening day, it would be busier than a usual day so there were multiple stations to be set up. Glancing up the computer was still taking forever to load so with the spare time I figured I'd get a head start on those stations. Anything to make Sun and Moon's job a bit easier seemed to bring me joy.

I was just finishing up the last crafting station when a loud crash came from the platform above the ball pit. I could hear Moon and Sun bickering already. One could only wonder what happened this time. Shaking my head, I sat back down and dove into my paperwork.

I wasn't sure exactly how long I sat there; I was confused for a moment when a pair of warm hands covered my eyes. But I couldn't help the smile stretch across my face as the smell of lavender and cologne filled my nose and Moon's breath tickled my neck.

"Goodmorning Moon."

"How'd you know it was me?" I chuckled at him.

"That's for me to know." I teased going back to my paperwork as he lingered next to me watching me type as his long fingers intertwined my hair.

"Why are you here so early?"

"No reason other than to get a head start on some work, I figured with this being the first day open it's better to come to war prepared."

"Respectable, I guess if we are preparing for war, I shall go busy myself." Moon smirked at me grabbing the schedule from across the desk purposefully grazing his hands against mine.

"You weren't wrong when you said busy today." Moon ran his hand through his hair pushing it out of his eyes. "I guess I'll set up some stations then."

"No need. I already finished them up." I said still typing away, I heard Moon let out a small hmm before sitting on top of the desk beside me. I could feel him looking at me swinging his legs back and forth. I peered at him from the side. He looked so cute in his uniform.

"What are those?" Moon gestured to the two gift bags to my right curiously, "I saw them in your room last night."

I finished typing the last of what paperwork I could do now and turned towards him. A huge grin stretched across his face; I raised a brow in confusion as small laughs began to escape his lips.

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