Chapter 16.

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Third person POV

"So what did you guys talk about?"Xiao asked, both walking down the hallway to there classes (math lol we love math).

"Uh nothing,We were just looking down at the school. Why'd you ask?"Venti answered.

"nothing thought she'll talk about how lame,cringy,weird,horrible,ugly,irritating,annoying she is"

"Oh no haha!"Venti laughed. "Is she really that energetic to annoy you?"He then asked. "Yeah ,but when she's serious she'll make you shiver when you stare at her eye for 1 sec."

"But for now she's being a jackass like she is"Xiao then switched up the words. "Oh? Well that was a random thing to say."

"Yeah but trust me. Having her around you is like. . . Ugh can't even find words on how to describe it."he said, rubbing his forehead. "Heh-You AND your cousin really do have different personalities. Well I think she's cool!"

"Yeah,that's because your stupid as her idiot"Xiao reminded and then hit the top of his head with a fist.

After classes and then after school (I'm so lazy ;( Sorry )

-ring ring ring- school bell rang and everyone headed outside of school and left to there dorm. Same thing goes for Xiao and Venti. Both walked out of school.

"Ughh 1 more minute in school and I'll be dead"Venti groaned as he stretched out his arm wide open. "I'll gladly drag you back to school and lock you up for 1 minute"Xiao offered.

"Wow!! That's a cold thing to say!"Venti was ready to punched him by the shoulder but again, got stopped by hu tao and this time it was with the twins.

Lumine placed her arm around both of them and gave a greedy smiled. "Welp! goodbye you little 'fake' couples"

"Wow Lumine..."Venti rolled his eyes. "Is that really a reference on saying "bye' to us now?"

"As the matter of fact yes! Yes it i-OOF OW!"Lumine yelped in pain as Aether punched her back hard. Like really hard making her nearly fell to the ground.

"Oww! Rude much!"She yelled at him. "Man hurry up and move your legs faster"

"Look who's talking. The person who nearly made me fell down, face first!"

"I wish you did" The two blondies walked away,still arguing and literally forgot about Hutao,Xiao and Venti.

"Tch. What a waste of time"Xiao was annoyed that he got distracted and clinched his own  fist and started leaving. Also Venti following him from behind

"Hey wait!"Hu Tao screamed out and got both there attention. "Can't forget about me! Anyways Y'all wanna go head and grab some spicy chicken and something??"she offered and gave a awkward grin.


"No thanks"Xiao declined her offer immediately before he started walking away again but got stop with a grab on a hand. "Aww come on!! Declining your own Cousins offer on taking us out for some food??! Can't miss that!! Pleaseeeee comeee"Venti whined and begged like a kid.

Hu Tao came right up and placed her elbow on Venti shoulders. "Yeah seeeee! this guy agrees"

"Well yeah that's because you guys agree on stupid lame things."He said and shoved his hand away from Him aggressively "you two go along,Ill stay in the dorm" and just like that He completely left through thin air.

Before Venti could even yell to come back, Hu Tao stopped him by the shoulder. "It's fine,he's like that and all,just leave him
. Come on let's go already! I can't let the dear Spicy Chicken wait!"Hu Tao started running the opposition direction.

Venti nodded in response and ran with her.

-5 minutes later-

Didn't take long till they made it. Gasping and heavy breathing and was tired of the running. They two crouched down and tried to catch there breath before heading in.

"H-*pant* here! We are! *pant* finally"Hu Tao groaned and panted with a heavy breath.

"Come on! Let's head in!"Hu Tao dragged Venti inside and rushed to the cashier.

Good thing they were the only one so they wouldn't wait and starve to death. They ordered and got there food and yeah sat down at a booster table.

"I'm kinda impressed on how you knew where to go Hu Tao"Venti said,munching onto the spicy chickens.

"Oh! That's because I use to come here every time with my friends when I was your age!"

"Ho? Mind if I ask. Where are they now?"

"Well uh there off with there future and all. We all barely talk now then we used to back then..hehe.."Hu tao voice changed into a broken tune. Sounding like she was about to cry but wasn't.

"Oh sorry. Did I said something wrong?"Venti apologized hoping he didn't make things wrong. Hu Tao looked at him and shook her head as a 'no'

"Nahh!! Hah,I was thinking about the time here with my friends back in high school. You know,Whenever you think of the best moment in your past. You suddenly feel like you wanna cry and wish to experience it one more time."hu Tao said while giving a soft gentle smile on her cheeks.

"Wow. Those are one deep words"Venti said as he took one bite on the food

"Hey hey!! You and Xiao planning to go out on a date right??! You guys planning to be marr-!"Hu Tao quickly made an eye contact at Venti.

Venti shot back and quickly covered her mouth before she could even finish saying her word. "N-No! Xiao is not the type of guy to like.. you know 'date'"

"Whwat!? Wwhy?!"Hutao muffled since Venti hand was blocking her mouth. "What.?"

She pushed Venti hands away and finally spoke properly. "What?? And what makes you think that??"she asked.

"I mean there's more pretty girls out there that he could possible go out with and-"

"Ha- bro look at you! You look absolutely fabz! Plus! What even got you into this kind of situation anyways?"

The thought of what Hu Tao said made Venti wonder. "If he was surrounded by lots of girls,He could've gotten a chance to pick one the girls,but instead he picked you. Rightttt???"Hu Tao gave an eyebrow at him.

True. It was true. Venti remembered that Xiao said he was better than the others. But was he??

"I guess. I didn't thought about that."Venti looked down at his shoes and watched them swing slowly up and down.

"Have you guys ever kissed?"she rest her face onto her palm and asked. Venti face started to flustered a bit. "Um- yeah-"

"Oh wow!"Hu Tao expression lit up. "And did he like it??"Hu Tao leaned her head closer. Wanting to hear the answer from his mouth Immediately. This made Venti startled a bit by her reaction. "I don't know-"

"Did YOU like it??"


After how many days I finally upload a chapter here wow so proud of myself.

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