Tribute - Kimiko Noa

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You don't know how long you dozed off for, but you woke up to someone lightly, repeatedly slapping your cheek.

You opened your eyes to find Kimiko crouched down next to your head, examining you like an ant under a magnifying glass. First Minoru and now Kimiko? What was it with these girls and watching you sleep?

At least Hinata wasn't being creepy. She was asleep as well, one of her arms folded under her head, the other slung across your waist, holding you close.

"I can't deal with you right now," you told Kimiko bluntly. You were far too tired to devise a plan to befriend such an unfriendly girl. You closed your eyes again, intent on getting some more shuteye while Minoru was still doing Student Council stuff.

The next slap was not so light.

"Ow!" You yelped, hand flying to your stinging cheek.

Kimiko didn't apologize. She just smirked. "So, what did she give you?" She asked, sounding coy, as if she already knew.

"What?" You asked groggily in return, knuckling one of your eyes. She chuckled at your slurred speech.

"Minoru. What did she give you?" She demanded, hands on her knees, squatting like a pretty gargoyle.

What did Minoru give you? You remember demanding an explanation, but you had trouble putting your finger on what exactly she said. Oh, right... "A magnesium supplement."

"Is that so?" Kimiko said, her tone taking on a pitying quality, as if you were some dumb kid who needed to be told Santa Claus didn't exist. You couldn't help but resent that. Why was everyone infantilizing you? "What did it look like?"

That was even harder to remember. It shouldn't be, though. You were suspicious of the pill and gave it a long gander. You shut your eyes tight and tried to imagine it. "It was a white bar... Sectioned into four pieces."

"Oooh, I like that one. Not as much as the syrup, though. Ask for a purple drink next time you go over to her mansion. You won't regret it!"

"Is that all?" You deadpanned, annoyed.

"Now, Aina, is that any way to treat a friend?" She asked. Her emphasis on the word friend made you stiffen. As much as you didn't want to do this right now, you did need to befriend this crazy girl.

She seemed to sense this newfound determination in you, cutting through the fog enveloping your head. "Come to the bathroom with me. That's what friends do, after all."


Sitting up was hard, standing up was harder, and walking was downright impossible. Kimiko had to practically act as a crutch just to get you the fifteen feet to the bathroom.

Once you were inside, she propped you up in the corner of the room like a doll and went over to the wall containing all the sinks. She flirted with the mirrors. She coquettishly looked over her shoulder at them, applied cherry lip balm, ran her fingers through her dreadlocks... All you could do was watch like a voyeur.

"First Minoru, next Hinata..." She said at last, not looking away from her reflection. "So, you're trying to catch us all, huh?" She mimed throwing a ball at you for the Pokemon reference.

You jerked, startled as if she had actually thrown something at you, and quickly denied it. "What? No."

"Don't lie."

"Is... Is it that obvious?"

Kimiko snorted. "Only to anyone with half a brain. I understand befriending Minoru. She's got everything... The looks, the cash, the whole school in the palm of her hand. But Hinata? That mouse has got nothing to offer you and you know it."

"That's not true! Hinata's good people," you defended, angry on Hinata's behalf.

"Ha!" It was more an exclamation than an actual laugh. "I've known her longer than you, doll, and I can tell you she's just as bad as the rest of us. She's just better at hiding it."

You... You couldn't argue with her. They were all yanderes at the end of the day. The seed of obsession hadn't yet taken root in them, but it laid in wait, as ready to kill as an unlit cigarette.

Hinata was the softest of them, but that did not mean she didn't manipulate the player character and invade his privacy.

She was a stalker who rifled through his belongings regularly and even went so far as to sneak a camera into his bedroom. She cried constantly when he turned down her advances and even threatened to commit suicide if he wouldn't love her back.

And in Hinata's Bad End, she made good on that promise. She killed herself and named him in her suicide note. Minoru spread that information around school and, within a month, he had to move away due to the stigma.

She was a danger to herself and others. Specifically, you. She didn't seem like the killing type, but she was unstable enough to have been the person who killed you in the original game.

Kimiko smugly watched the dawning horror appear on your face. "Anyway, I didn't bring you in here to talk about Hinata. It's time you shift your attention to where it belongs: on me."

You raised one brow and waited for her to continue. Content with all your attention on her, she continued to preen like a peacock under your gaze.

"I'll tell you what. If you can pull off a good prank, we can be friends," she said. Her face was stretched into a mischievous smile.

"You're just trying to get me in trouble," you said with a pout.

"Nah," she said, dismissively waving her hand at you. "Everyone will just assume it's me. I'll take the blame for it. That's why I specified it had to be good. I'm not signing my name on anything I'm not proud of. If it's bad, I'm ratting you out for sure."

"Your move," she challenged with a tone of finality. Without looking back, she walked to the bathroom door and left you there, stranded.

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