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Narrator's P.O.V
After she made that quiet confession, Taehyung felt himself become angry as he looked down towards the floor.. how long were they together for before they had their daughter? How long was the abuse? --- Taehyung had so many questions running through his head but Yn's timid voice brought him back to the present as she nervously looked at him and asked;

"D.. Do I have to go into work tomorrow?"

At her soft question, Taehyung immediately tried to reassure her by shaking his head and quickly saying;

"No. No you don't... in fact... why don't you and Taeyung stay home for a week?"

He suggested giving her a small smile, his words made him beam up as she softly asked;



"W-Wait.. but what about Taeyung? He'll miss school-"

"You can teach him while I'm at work."

Taehyung said smiling but Yn gave him a unsure glanced as she hesitantly said;

"Are you sure?.."

"I'm sure, Love.

Yn nodded but she still had a sick feeling in her stomach at the thought of Taehyung alone with.. him and that's when she blurts out;

"M-Maybe I should go-"

"Yn.. I told you. It's fine plus I want you and Taeyung to stay here-"


"No buts Yn. You're both staying here.."

Taehyung said in a stern tone making Yn nod as he carefully walked up to her and brought her into a warm hug while quietly saying;

"I'll be fine Yn.."

"But he-"

"He doesn't scare me.. besides he looked pretty short."

He jokingly added trying to lighten the mood but Yn bit her lip nervously as she looked to the floor;

"Hey Love.. look at me..."

Taehyung whispered as he gently held Yn's face in his hands and when she finally looked at him.. she had tears in her eyes. Seeing her this nervous and this scared made his heart ache, so as Taehyung gently wiped her eyes with his fingers, he sighed in defeat and reluctantly said;

"Fine... you can come to work with me-"

"Thank you!"

"Hey hey hey, I have one condition."


"You're staying hidden."

At his words, Yn's face completely changed from a distressed look one minute to an adorable confused look the next, all of this made Taehyung smile and without needing to ask, he was already answering her unspoken question;

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