Sister, Brother

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"Valen?" Tony looked at the girl in disbelief. Part of him was on guard, the other was confused.

Valen didn't know what to say so she said the first thing that came out of her mouth. "Hello."

"Surprise!" Peter smiled, excited that this is finally happening.

"What are you doing here?" Tony fixed himself of his seat. He was slightly on edge, not knowing what her intentions were.

"Peter said he thought it would be best if I came back here."

"Peter?" He looked at the boy who was nodding his head. "How did you come into contact with Peter?"

"She broke into my school and called me." Peter answered for Valen.

"You didn't have to add breaking into the school. Could've just said I called you." Valen looked at him with daggers shooting out of her eyes. She didn't want Tony to think badly of her. Not when this was their first encounter of her return.

"Yeah, but he wouldn't have known how you got my number in the first place."

"When did this happen?" Tony interrupted the two while pointing back and forth at them.

"What, like five days ago?" Peter looked at Valen for confirmation.

"I think so." She shrugged her shoulders.

"And you didn't think to tell me?"
Tony asked.

"I didn't want anyone to know right away." Valen admitted. She rubbed her arm to comfort herself, not liking Tony's confrontational tone.

Steve walked into Tony's lab with his head down as he read some papers that were in his hands. Something in Valen snapped as she looked behind her and saw who it was. So many emotions washed over her as memories flooded her thoughts.

She stomped her way over to him and pushed him hard. "You son of a bitch!"

Steve took a step back, thoroughly confused about what was going on. It took him a second to realize who just hit him. "Valen?"

Valen hit him again. She continued pushing him back until Steve grabbed both of her wrists to stop her. "You promised me! You said they were gone!"

Steve held on tighter, but not enough to hurt her as she continued struggling to get free. "What are you talking about?"

"HYDRA!" Valen yelled as tears pricked her eyes. "You said Hydra was no more that you were sure of it. You fucking liar."

Valen froze her arms to make Steve let go of her. She charged at him, ready to fight to let all her frustrations out on him, but something pricked her neck. A tiny, sharp needle pierced her skin to get her to calm out. Tony shushed her as he held onto her so when she fell, she wouldn't hurt herself.

Steve stared at the girl who was now laying on the ground, fighting the injection to stay awake. He felt bad as he thought about that promise he made her months ago. He was sure they were gone, but yet they weren't. Valen had to suffer those consequences.

"We need to put her somewhere where everyone will be safe. Just to be careful." Steve said.

"You're not suggesting..." Peter took a step forward. "No! She's fine! I've been with her for five days. She's not going to hurt anyone. She just wants to remember who she was."

"She just tried to attack me."

"I would too if you told me a group who experiment on me, hurt me, punished me were officially wiped off the planet but were still ongoing. She had to relive all of that again. She's hurt by you."

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