~Before we start~

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*gets ideas for new books*

*starts simping for the AMAZING Luisa*

*looks at my WIPs*


I know, I know, I should keep writing the oneshots and stuff, and my whole basis is Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss, but beef woman is a good excuse, right?

Now pardon me while I ramble about her.

Luisa, my beloved. When I first saw her, I just thought "Oh, pretty woman :D", then I saw clips and stuff, and my brain went "Ah yes, perfect simping material"

She is way too kind, despite feeling under pressure all the time. She can lift up an entire church without breaking a sweat. She gives AMAZING hugs. She's just an amazing human being overall- The fact she's hot is just another factor to the simping.

Before we start, I just wanna let y'all know that the characters may be OOC sometimes. I will TRY to do them justice, but I can't be confident that I won't mess up every now and then. So let me know when I do- Criticism helps people improve, so long as it's constructive!

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