Prologue - Thank You

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listen, I don't care if it takes months or even years, i will finish this book and nothing can stop me

and remember- i can always rewrite the chapters if anything feels odd!


You're (Y/N). There's not much to say about you, really. You're just a normal person in the village. And you just so happen to have a crush on The Madrigal Family's strongest, Luisa.

You guys are good friends, and talk when you can, though it's limited thanks to her duties around the village. You understand, of course, but can't help but be bummed out.

You just got done picking fruits and vegetables for the market you were running. It was doing quite well, though it isn't exactly remarkable, aside from a few odd customers.

Oh, and you were about to be late. Dang it.

Thinking fast, you scooped up what you needed and ran out of the door. You raced through the crowd as fast as you could, to the point you didn't know how to stop.

You took a minute to stare up at the sky, still running- Not a smart choice, but hey, you're not exactly thinking. The sun has barely risen yet, but the market tends to open pretty early, so hey, close call.

You looked back ahead- Oh gosh, Luisa is right there, carrying a donkey in one arm as her other one went limp. And she's so beautiful so- Wait, are you about to crash into her?

Told you looking up was a bad idea.

"LUISA, LOOK OUT!" You warned. Of course, she's practically indestructable, but better safe than sorry.

And just like that, you ran into her like a pole. Your produce went flying- Most likely hitting someone in the head. Whoops.

"Woah, jeez! You alright there?" She asked, picking you up with her free hand.

Your sight finally cleared up- And the first thing you saw may have been the brownest eyes you've ever seen. Brown like...

Huh, brown. Brown like what? Capybara fur? Dirt? Wood? You couldn't find the right words to describe them- Either way, they were beautiful.

You pressed your fingers against your forehead, as if you were brushing away a headache. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks, Luisa."

As she set you down, brushing dust off your shoulder, you finally took notice of the fallen food. All it did was make you sigh in frustration.

Luisa looked around, seeing the fruit and vegetables. "You, uh... You need help with that?"

"Oh, no thanks! You've probably got a lot going on right now..." You smiled, already picking up the produce.

"Mmm... The donkeys can wait." She shrugged, crouching down to grab the rest.

Well, looks like you can't protest now.

You both reached to grab the last fruit, but ended up bumping hands. Luisa froze for a second before handing over the fruit.

"There ya go." She smiled, regaining her stance.

"Oh, thank you. I don't know what I would do without you." You sighed in relief.

She seemed taken aback, not saying a word. You could've sworn you saw her eyes glimmer for a second.

You blinked, a tad bit worried. "...Luisa?"

She awkwardly cleared her throat, patting you on the head. "Oh, uh- Yeah. No trouble."

"Luisa, the donkeys!" The barn owner called.

"On it!" Luisa automatically responded, heading for the others. She only turned back to wink at you, before throwing another donkey over her shoulders.

...Well, time to head for the market.

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