Chapter 53

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Yulia's POV:

As soon as we returned to the castle, we prepared for the engagement ceremony. 

There was nothing special except that the scale was large. 

If I had to pick something special, I’d pick my engagement partner? 

Because my fiance is the famous Duke of Siegbert, who the noble families vie for to become their son-in-law.

Will it be Lord Blair who becomes the best groom now? 

Engagement doesn’t have to be grandiose, but I knew it needed to be large-scale because of our status.

Above all, the fact that my brother, who is the crown prince, has not yet gotten engaged makes this all the more an important event for the imperial family.

However, I knew that the reason why the scale was larger than expected was because I didn’t make my debut. 


“My daughter…sniff.”

 “People would think I’m getting married. It’s just an engagement ceremony.” 

“You said you would live with me without marrying for the rest of your life…”

…I had nothing to say pertaining to that.

My father looked sad as if he were watching his daughter’s wedding, but my brother looked unhappy.

 “Brother. You don’t like it because I got engaged first?”

“It’s not that.”

“Then why are you making that face? If you’re jealous, get married quickly!”

It’s time to get married. It is impossible to keep the crown princess position vacant, and his younger sister will get married first! 

“Yulia. If you want to break up before marriage, I’ll help you break up anytime.” 

“……Thank you for that.” 

I was surprised by the unexpected words. 

However, somehow, the appearance of my older brother overlapped with the appearance of my older brother I saw in my dream.

Because my brother in my dream also sacrificed for me.

“Tell me if you want a divorce after you get married. I’ll do my best to get you out of there.”

“Hey, we’re not even married yet. You don’t have to worry about that! But if that happens, do you have to help me?” 

“Yes. Of course.” 

It’s just an engagement ceremony. 

Both my dad and my brother treated me as if I was someone who would leave the imperial castle forever. 

They become like this with just the engagement ceremony, I was scared of how they would react when we really got married. 

When I got married, I thought my dad might cry a lot, and he would be very worried when I got married. 

“…I like it now.” 

I like it now when I feel loved by everyone. 

Whatever the root of the affection was, it didn’t matter. 

They can love me whatever the reason is.

If my father’s guilt became love for me, it could exist, and if longing for a mother was my brother’s affection for me, I needed it. 

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