6| Excited

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I was warm all over my body

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I was warm all over my body. My face was warm, my arms were warm, my body was warm.

I sucked at my paci, looking up, my head rubbing against a hard chest and saw tater tot!

I shifted a little then noticed where else was warm on my body. My legs. And they were wet and sticky. Oh no! This has happened before!

I whined and spit my paci out, sitting up. He gonna be mad at me. Then he shifted a little and opened his eyes. "Oh shit." He groaned and sat up, looking over at me, and sat my pouty look. "What's wrong?"

Then he felt it. And I began to cry.

"No no, it's okay. It was an accident." He got up quickly and picked me off the bed. My shorts were all wet too. "Go pick some clothes out okay?"

"Okay." I mumbled and went to my dresser, grabbing purple leggings and a white shirt. He took my sheets off, and I told him the washers were just down the hallway.

When he came back, he took my hand and walked me to the washroom. "I'm sorry." I whispered.

"It's okay. You drank a lot of water last night. Just get changed."

"Are you going to leave me?"

"I'll wait outside for you." He assured me and I nodded. I quickly stripped out of my sticky clothes and put on new ones, just as I heard of bedroom door open. Oh no. Did he leave?

I quickly went back out of the room but only saw a very mad JJ. "Hi." I smiled at him.

"Who is this?" He asked sternly.

"That's tater tot." I said and Tate looked down at me with a little grin. "He's from the club."

"Owner." Tate corrected me. But that's what I said.

"Oh. You." JJ mumbled.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Gavin mentioned that you were finally feeling better and..."

"You're gonna make chocolate chip pancakes?!" I gasped.

"Yes." He chuckled. "Come down to the kitchen when you're done." I gave him a nod and he left.

"I think you're good now." Tate said and my smile dropped. "I'll just head out. Make sure to stop by the club. Okay?"

My lower lip quivered. But I nodded. I don't want him to go. I hugged him and he hugged back, kissed my forehead, then stepped back. "See you later."

"Bye." I whispered and sat down on my bed and watched him walk away. I really don't want him to go.

After a minute of holding back my tears, I grabbed Skittles and went down the steps and into the kitchen. My knee still really hurt.

I bet tater tot would make it feel better.

I sat at the bar stool and watched as JJ made the pancakes and bacon, I hugged Skittles and swing my legs.

"Whoa, that doesn't look like a happy girl." JJ joked but I knew he was right. "What's wrong pumpkin?"

"I miss tater tot." I mumbled.

"Do you two have a thing going on?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"No." I pouted.

"Do you like him?"


"Like more than a friend way?"

"I dunno. I barely know him."



"You barely know him and he stayed the night?!"

"I hurt myself and asked if he could stay till I fell asleep but he ended up falling asleep too." I mumbled and he nodded.

He put a plate on front of me and I smiled widely. He's so good at cooking.

"Do you have his number?" I shook my head no.

"I don't even know if I'll see him again. He's a busy man."

"Gavin's his friend."

"Oh yeah." I smiled.

"Eat up girly. Gracie's coming by and she said she wants to go to the mall."

I squealed and did exactly what JJ said.


I probably should've gone to the doctor for my knee, instead I just took a few days off riding.

"Katie, I want the canter earlier." My coach, Amanda, said. "Sofia into the water jump."

"Try not to get dumped." Scarlett snickered and I frowned. Katie asked me earlier how I was and stupid Scarlett overheard.

"Yeah." I mumbled, bringing Loki up to a trot, a second later into canter and did a lap around the arena, I clucked my tongue and he went a bit faster, then launched over the two pole oxer, only around 2'3. Then kept going.

Going up to the water jump, I relaxed my body, counted my strides, and let Loki jump. I rose into two point, moving my arms, then coming back down, patting his neck.

"Good job girls, bring it in." Amanda said and I brought Loki down to a walk, going over to our coach. "Homecoming show is next weekend. This is the beginning of the six show series. If you win top five, you proceed. I believe you three can do it."

Katie had a big smile. "What divisions do you want us on?"

"Well, it's eventing and jumpers, so you all will be in different devisions." Amanda said. "Katie, you'll be in 2'9 in order to participate in the eventing. Is that okay?" Katie nodded. "Sofia, I'm putting you in 3'6." My eyes widened. "I am confident you and Loki will do great in each division. Simple oxers and walls. There will be wood walls, logs, circle bushes and water."

"That's okay." I said.

"I want you training everyday." I nodded. "Scarlett. 3'0."

"What?!" Scarlett gasped.

"Anything higher is too extreme. It is that or you aren't going." She slouched back in her saddle but nodded. "That's it for today. Feed and brush well to cool down." Scarlett stayed behind to talk to Amanda, but Katie and I kicked out our stirrups and rode back to the barn.

"I'm so excited for this. Dion is coming to watch me." Katie cheered. Dion is her daddy. Kinda jealous. I haven't seen Tate in a week.

"So am I. And for the class I'm in. I'm gonna have to dig out my riding clothes."

"We got this in the bag." Katie said as she slid off Jelly and I got off Loki.

"I have to call Gavin!"

He's the one who supports the riding the most, he comes to all shows. So do my other friends, but he makes it his priority.

I dialled him as I put Loki in the crossties. "How was your lesson?" He asked right away.

"Amazing! Guess what?! I got big news."

"Oh boy, I'm ready." He chuckled.

"Homecoming show is next week! I'm jumping 3'6! If I place top five I move on!"

"Oh my god Sofia! That's amazing. Where is it?"

"A place two hours away from here. It's a two day event but I'll be able to drive."

"I'm booking the hotel right now." He said. This is so exciting. "I'll let you finish up with Loki but stop by after. Okay?"

"Okay!" He hung up and untacked my boy, I gave him a extra long groom as Katie and I talked about the show, totally excited.

This a going to be amazing.

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