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First of all I want to say I'm extremely sorry for not updating, I'm sorry lovelies (Trust me i'm really sorry) I really wanted to update but I couldn't for my exams, I was literally so busy with studies plus I was mentally and physically upset too. I felt really so bad for keeping ya'all in waiting for the update my babies (I'm Sorryy again), SO when I thought i'm gonna give my babies a perfect update, my Wattpad got a weird issue. I couldn't logged into my account in wattpad and then after trying a lot to fixed the issue- I gave up. 

I really wanted to gave you a update coz I was feeling so bad for not updating. Then suddenly finally 1 week ago I got my Wattpad account back! so i'm so sorry my babies for not updating.. I was really mentally upset for some reason and I still couldn't come over it.

I'm sorryy my lovelies.. Once again..

So, Don't worry my lovelies! I'll give ya'all update really soon (just please don't get disappoint or upset with me) I'm really kinda upset.. so yah, I'll started to give update from the next week. I won't keep my babies in waiting anymore.. Love ya'all..

 Love ya'all

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