7| Surprise

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Waking up at 3am sucks

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Waking up at 3am sucks. Thank you Gavin for waking me up. We got to the barn a little late, so I Gavin rushed to load my saddle and brushing stuff. I threw a blanket over Loki and clipped his halter on and lead line on, and lead him out of the barn with Katie and Jelly, and Scarlett and Prince.

Prince went in first, then I brought Loki in and got him settled with his hey net and Jelly went in last. I have to fix Loki's braids when we get to the show.

"Just follow behind me." Amanda said as everyone got in their vehicles, she was the one towing the trailer.

"Excited?" Gavin asked, pulling out behind the trailer.

"Very." I said with a huge smile.

None of my other friends could come but that's okay. It's Gracie's and Wills anniversary so she couldn't miss it and Jake has work and can't get the time off.

The drive was really boring. We stopped for coffee and I played a game on my phone, then fell asleep. Gavin had a phone call for work that took up half an hour too.

It was very busy when we walked in. Trailers parked in a paddock and horses being walking around. The younger divisions were already showing.

I jumped out of the truck quickly and went over to Amanda. Katie took Jelly over to the grass and I did the same with Loki as Scarlett got Prince off the trailer.

We were lead to the temporary stalls the horses stayed in, fresh shavings and water was in there. I got Loki settled and Gavin came behind me, talking to Dion, both carrying our trunks.

"We're gonna go scope out the place." Gavin said and I nodded.

"We have to fix braids." Katie said.

"Be good." Dion kissed her head then walked off with Gavin. I got a stool and stood next to Loki, who was eating hay, and tightened the pull through braids on him, then got the blanket off him and got every piece of mud and dirt off of him. We need to be spotless.

Today is Jumper, so I'm wearing a greyish green show jacket with a white blouse underneath and beige breeches. I changed quickly, there was a huge line.

I put a sweater on overtop my clothes then grabbed Loki and put him in a crosstie.

When I finished tacking is when Katie came back on horse back waving a first place ribbon, cheering, Dion was walking Jelly, smiling. "I won baby!" She hooted. Scarlett scoffed and walked away, Amanda following her to the arena since it was her time.

"That's great! Please tell me it's on video." I said and she nodded. She dismounted and came up to me, hugging me.

"You're gonna do great." She whispered. "Scarlett is in a bitchy mood though."

"Hey, language." Dion said and both me and Katie giggled.

"Sorry." She said and turned back to her daddy. "I have to go bathe him, I think I'll make it back for your division."

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