8| Tater Tot

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Her soft lips on mine felt perfect

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Her soft lips on mine felt perfect. Her small whines made my cock throb. Everything was perfect with her. Her little hands fisting in my shirt. Her mouth fighting to keep up with me.

Then fucking Paul called and said there was an emergency. She looked so sad when I said I had to leave. She asked if I could say, but I had to say no. When I left she was standing with her horse.

The kitchen caught on fire. Like Jesus fuck Paul deal with that shit yourself. If he mentioned that, I wouldn't have left.

All of that shit was a week ago. And I don't even have Sofia's number or anything to talk to her. Her little mind runs and I fear the worst. She thought I used her. Which I didn't.

I do have her address, but for two days I had a shit tone of paper work because of the fire. And the club has been getting busier. That's no excuse though.

If I have time for her in my thoughts, I have time for her in person.

She drives me crazy, that little girl. Little or not, she's fucking adorable and I'm just drawn to her.

Not even thinking of something sexual about her gets my dick rock hard.

I'll just remember her eyes looking up at because of how short she is, and I'll get hard. Maybe other things too.

One of my idiot friends, Harry, reminded me that she's a horse back rider, and can move her hips pretty well. Seeing her ride and lift her ass, almost grinding against that saddle-

I had a fist around my cock this morning thinking about it. Fucking coming thinking of her little ass on my lap, grinding down on me.

I'm fucking pathetic.

"Minds in a different place. Again." Elio said, one of my servers.

"Fuck off." I muttered.

"Just go to her place." Jeff sighed.

"Or talk to Gavin." Chris added.

"Or just turn around." Paul said from the other side of the bar. He was smirking. I did and saw Gavin, and Sofia, walking into the place.

"Just had to say your name and she was in the car." Gavin chuckled as Sofia ran up to me.

"Hi tater tot."

"Hi Sof." She hugged me with a huge smile.

"Paul!" She gasped and stepped back from me, but didn't move away.

"Hey cutie." Paul said, "long time no see."

"I promise it has nothing against you." She said and he nodded.

"I'll take your word for that. Wanna go get a drink?" Sofia looked up at me.

Like for permission. I nodded.

"I hope you have purple cups." She giggled as she walked off with him.

"Okay, now I'm just fucking confused." Chris rubbed his forehead. "Is she your little?"

"No." I said. "So, you here for the order?" Gavin nodded. Gavin partially works here, he works with Fizz Co. Our top alcohol supplier. He takes orders and gets deals. We're kinda sponsored with them too. So Gavin manages the sales data here and brings it to his boss.

"Sam, can you do it." The other bartender, Samantha nodded and I stepped back.

"Daddy. Don't freak out but there's some girl in the back." Sadie said, tugging at Chris's leg.

"It's okay baby, we know her. How about you and Cece go say hi?" They both shook there heads no.

"C'mon, I'll go get her." I said and walked out to the back.

"We got a serious problem." Sofia said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"You're out of apple juice." She huffed.

"I think there's one more bottle up front." I said and she smiled. "C'mon, I want to show you to some other littles."

"Okay!" She jumped a little and I smiled a little. Paul followed behind as I took her back out for the front, the two other little girls looked at Sofia, like they were studying her.

"Don't be rude, go say hello." Jeff nudged Cece and she nodded quickly.

"My name is Cece." The little mumbled shyly.

"Are you uncle Tate's little?" Sadie blurted out.

"No." Sofia said.

"Are you dating him?"


"Who is this girl then?" Sadie asked. Chris bent down to ear level and whispered something to her. She nodded quickly. "Wanna colour with us?"

"Sure!" Sofia said quickly. The two girls lead them over to a booth that had lots of colouring books, and just like that they acted like they've been friends for years.

I groaned. "You need to get your shit together." Elio laughed.

"I know" I mumbled. Paul brought a apple juice over to Sofia for me, then came back over.

"What happened at that show?" He asked, sitting on one of the stools.

"I kissed her." I said above a whisper.

"What? And you haven't don't anything since?!"

"My kitchen went into fucking flames. No. I didn't. Do you know how much paperwork that is? A lot. I thought of her." That slipped out.

"Hope you washed your fucking hand." Chris laughed.

"Like you haven't done it." I muttered.

"Sadie lives with me bud. She's at my side 24/7." He grinned, "I got her whenever I want."

"Yeah I'm with him." Paul nodded and so did Jeff. I hate these guys. "Speaking of, I'll be back. I gotta go pick up Nathen."

I nodded and he grabbed his phone, walking off. Totally open and all about it, I knew Paul for a year before I found he was gay. And had a little. I felt like a bad friend back then. I don't even know how I didn't tell.

"Okay Tate, I got the form." Gavin said and put it in front of me and I took the pen and signed. "Um..." he trailed off looking at Sofia who was totally in her element right now.

"I'll drop her off at her place later."

"Thanks." He said, nodding to the others as he left.

"You're pussy whipped and you've only been using your hand." Chris laughed and I looked up at him, glaring hard.

I looked over at the booth and noticed Sofia was wiggling a little. Then I noticed her drink gone. I walked away from the idiots and over to her. "Do you need to go to the washroom Sof?" I asked her and she nodded her head yes very quickly.

I pulled her out of the booth and walked her to behind the club, bringing her to the girls washroom and she quickly ran inside.

A minute later she came out, wiping her wet hands on her skirt. "Why did you wait for me to see? You could've had an accident." I said and she looked up at me shyly.

"I don't know. I'm sorry." She grabbed my hand. "Can- can we talk about last week?"

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