Parfum d'Amour

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You laid awake in bed that night well into the early hours of the morning. You weren't tired after the several hours you spent sleeping earlier in the day. However, that gave you ample time to think up a prank that would impress Kimiko.

Not having the faintest idea, you decided to Google it. There weren't a lot of resources for kids looking to pull pranks in school, though. Go figure! It's almost like adults didn't want to broadcast that information.

It would help if you had Aina's memories and knew what kind of pranks Kimiko had pulled in the past. That way you wouldn't be repeating anything she had already done.

I could always do what the main character did, you thought.

In the game, the main character grabbed Kimiko's attention by playing an especially wicked prank. He poured a can of surströmming, one of the smelliest foods in the world, into an unoccupied locker.

It took the school staff three days to locate the source of the smell. Even once they cleaned out the locker, the pungent odor hung around for the rest of the week, pervading the entire second floor of the school. All of the classrooms had to keep their windows open because kids kept gagging at the smell.

You decided to steal his idea. He wasn't around to protest.

And honestly? He was better off not pursuing Kimiko anyway. She was absolutely beautiful but so possessive. She couldn't stand him interacting with anyone but her. No matter which of her endings he got, he always ended up kidnapped.

You were doing him a favor, sparing him from such a fate. Just as he had done you a favor by giving you the idea, potentially saving your life. And if he managed to come up with another prank worthy of her recognition, maybe they deserved each other.


It took a few days to execute. Every day that passed, Kimiko would look at you at lunch in anticipation. Go on! Impress me, her oil-black eyes said. You didn't show your hand, though. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Anticipation was half the fun.

Finding the Swedish delicacy in a fictional version of Japan was a futile task, but you managed to get it through the mail.

You decided to pull it off on a Monday. That way, Kimiko could enjoy the chaos for as long as possible.

As for the locker, the player character chose one on the second floor and opened it with bolt cutters. You chose what would be the player character's locker on the first floor for several reasons.

One, your locker was on the third floor and you wanted to be at least one floor away from the stink. Two, Kimiko's locker was on the first floor. Three, you knew the combination to his locker and thus wouldn't need to sneak bolt cutters into school.

So you showed up to school early, early Monday morning to pull your prank. After surveying the area to make sure no one was around, you opened the locker. Then you pulled out the can of surströmming and a can opener from your bookbag.

The scent was released the second you pierced the can's surface. You struggled not to throw up that morning's breakfast as you vigorously cranked the handle of the can opener. It got really bad when you poured it out, though.

It's fishies! You thought in surprise, seeing several dead fish come out of the can along with a lot of liquid. Not a moment later, you dropped the can and can opener in the back of the locker and slammed the door shut. Then you promptly went to go wash your hands. Couldn't be too careful with a pungent scent like that.


Sure enough, Kimiko dragged you to the bathroom before you even got a chance to sit down at the lunch table.

"It was you, wasn't it?" She cried jubilantly, jumping up and down clapping her hands. You shushed her, looking underneath the stalls to see if anyone else was in the room with you. Luckily, there was no one.

With a strained smile, you nodded. She let out a squeal so high pitched that only dogs could hear it.

"It was! I knew it! I thought it was just a stink bomb, but I've smelled a stink bomb before and this is way worse! What did you do?"

"Ever heard of surströmming?"

"No, but I think I'm about to! I can't believe it! I thought you were a total goody-two-shoes, but you have a filthy little mind just like me! I can't wait to tell Oshiro! Now, spill!"

Your smile turned genuine as you realized she would put in a good word for you with Oshiro. Then you nodded again and, in a whisper, started going into detail on what you did.

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