~Chapter 13~

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Your head shot up from its resting position. Droplets of sweat all over you. Your breath was heavy, and your throat felt as if you had a rock stuck in it. You grasped your chest where your heart was and tried to slow your breath. 

It was just a dream. 

You told yourself. But, you knew it wasn't "just a dream," it had to be something more than that. It felt way to real. But...you had no recollection of something like that happening in your life. There was no memory of it. 

The moon light still shone through the window. The stars brighter in the sky than before. The night had yet to end. 

You decided to take a spur of the moment walk. It was late, but still. Slowly, you tiptoed to the front door, trying not to make a sound, you continued to the outside world. You didn't know where you were going, but unintentionally, you started walking the route to the Soma estate.  The breeze blew against you exposed skin, as you were still in your school uniform from before. You walked and walked, not thinking about anything. Your brain was empty. 

When you finally realized where you were, you didn't care enough to head back home. It was a long walk and the fatigue that you had yet to notice before was finally hitting you. You sat down by a tree near the house. Closing your eyes, not thinking bout the environment around you one bit. 

You could hear the wind blowing the tree ranches around. You could be the birds and their songs. It was peaceful, yet you were too tired to enjoy it. 

The sun began to rise, the bits of light shone through your eye lids. The leaves that laid on the ground began to crunch as footsteps walked towards you. You were still too tired to care one bit about the environment around you. For all you knew, it could've been some pervert. 

"Y/n," they said, gasping for air as if they had just stopped chasing after their lost dog. You didn't think to open your eyes and just responded with a, "mhm?". 

"What are you doing here this early in the morning?" they asked.

"Nothing, really, just...moon bathing I guess you could say" the person sat right next to you up near the tree.

Under his breath, he whispered, "God why did it have to be now," He whipped his head up in a hurry, causing your eyes to open in surprise. 

There was Kyo, sitting next to you, and a very flustered Tohru. Her hair was messy, her face was flushed and she seemed as though she was eagerly awaiting a chance to tell him something.

"Shit..." he mumbled under his breath,

"Why now,"

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