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"Valen." A man's voice sang out sweetly. "Oh Valen. Over here."

Valen turned around as she stood at an intersection. All four hallways were pitch black besides the spot in the middle where she stood. She didn't know which way the voice was coming from.

"Come on, we don't have all day."

Valen had a gut feeling of which path to take. The voice was drawing her to him. She was almost in a trance to obey its orders and follow it.

"Good. Just one more step."

She stopped moving as she took her last step. In front of her, the hallway led out over a cliff. As she looked down, she could see a waterfall splashing around as it landed on top of massive rocks.

Someone tapped on her shoulder from behind her. As she spun around, Zory smiled evilly. "Boo."

He pushed her making her fall towards her death. She screamed and reached out for him, but it was of no use. He walked away back into the hallway, not caring to watch her finish her fall.

Valen tried to sit up in her bed as she woke up from her nightmare, but a body was straddling her, holding both of her arms above her head.

"V, hey. It's me. You're safe, it was just a bad dream." Wanda cooed, cautiously releasing some of her tight grip on the girl's arms.

Valen was hyperventilating. She stared into Wanda's eyes, finding some kind of familiarity behind them. It helped her relax, to take smaller breaths.

Wanda nodded her head towards Valen's arms. "I'm going to let go now, okay?"

Valen watched as Wanda sat up and released her hold on her. She had both of her hands opened beside her head.

"Why are you in my room?" Valen questioned, still underneath her.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay. Steve said you were back."

Valen moved her head around her room, growing anxious. "Where's Bucky or Peter?"

"Peter went to school. Bucky is going to be right back. He went to go take a shower as he waited for you to wake up."

Valen felt uneasy that neither of the people she trusted fully was with her. She took a deep breath to try and not freak out. Wanda rolled off of her, back to her side of the bed.

"Do you remember me?"

Valen looked up at the redhead. "Not really."

Wanda looked down at the bed and put a strand of hair behind her ear. "That's okay. I'm sure it'll come back."

Valen wanted to make her feel better, she already didn't like how sad she had made her. "I don't remember much about anyone here besides Bucky and Peter. I have bits and pieces, but nowhere near a full puzzle."

"I could help!" Wanda looked at Valen excitedly. She calmed down and lowered her voice. "If you would like."


"Might be invasive, but I could go through your brain and maybe pull out a few memories that are hidden from you."

Valen scooted back away from Wanda. "I don't want you knowing everything about me."

Wanda already knew a lot about Valen, but she wasn't going to say that. "I won't do it unless you want me to."

"Can I think about it?"

"Absolutely. Take as much time as you need to think about it. I'm always here."


Natasha pulled up to the main entrance of the compound. She got out of the car and pulled her sunglasses to the top of her head. She strutted her way to Tony's office.

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