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She reached down to her leg, holding the handkerchief over her scratch.

I watched in disbelief.

No, she won't do it.

My tears slowed down as I turned away from her, towards Cheong-san and Su-hyeok.

Miss Park moved from her spot and grabbed Na-yeon's hand.

"Don't do it. Stop it."

"Let go" Na-yeon told her, clutching the handkerchief tighter.

"I said stop it." Miss Park took the handkerchief as Na-yeon whimpered.

"Leave me alone! Fuck!" Both of them stood up as Na-yeon yelled.

"I should just die too then, huh?" She now turned to us.

"That's what you want, isn't it?"

She sighed and contemplated on what to say next.

"Why is Gyeong-su better than me?"

I walked closer to her again, frowning.

"That dirty welfie pushed me"

Miss Park started stuttering, not believing the situation:

"N-Na-yeon, you didn't..."

I felt Nam-ra hold my arm tightly, so that she could stop me if I tried attacking Na-yeon again.

"So, you did do it" Cheong-san said as Su-hyeok grabbed him tighter.

Dae-su stood up to help him as Cheong-san wanted to run at her.

"How could you just fucking-"

"I didn't kill him, okay?!" Na-yeon yelled.

"Gyeong-su fell, but he got up and ran"

"Yeah, but as a zombie" I yelled back.

"That's almost worse than death!"

"Yeah, so? I didn't kill him. He's still alive! He didn't die, he just turned"

"Just?! Are you kidding me right now?" I yelled, as Nam-ra held me back by my arm.

"Stop ganging up on me" Na-yeon said.

"When I said he smelled, you all laughed. You all made fun of him too. Don't try to act innocent"

I was at a loss of words at the pathetic excuses she was trying to make.

Cheong-san got out of Su-hyeok's and Dae-su's grip, charging at Na-yeon.

"Na-yeon" He started.

"Cheong-san stop." Dae-su said.

Cheong-san pushed Na-yeon to the floor.

"How could you kill him?"

Na-yeon gasped.

"Stop it." Miss Park said.

Cheong-san's face was wet from tears as he started breathing heavily.


"...a murderer"

He choked on a sob.

As Na-yeon looked up, tears were streaming from her eyes as she whimpered and nodded her head.

As she continued sobbing I looked at her with an expressionless face.

The death of Gyeong-su...

It's all her fault.

I bit my lip and looked at my bloody shoes.

"I...I have no friends at all"  Na-yeon cried.

"I don't need any of you. Fuck you"

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