10| Rain

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Tate and I have been dating for a month and I really really like it

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Tate and I have been dating for a month and I really really like it. I mean, he's a great kisser, and he takes me in amazing dates, I get free apple juice at the club! And I have amazing little friends too. And Katie joined the group too. I've yet to meet the other two but I met Nate and I really like him.

I'm little around Tate, a lot actually. And he doesn't mind it a bit. He's a daddy. I'm a little. He's a dom. I'm a sub.

But I'm not his little.

He's not my daddy.

The question has been lurking over me. Maybe he doesn't think this I serious enough for me to call him daddy? I really want to call him daddy. A lot. I think he would make a great daddy to me.

Today he took me to the barn since my car is in for detail. It looks a bit gloomy but I don't think it will rain. I hope not. Loki needs a good run but I really don't want to tack so I may just ride bareback. I also told Katie I would exercise Jelly for her.

Tate isn't some non nature type of guy. He knows what he's doing which is helpful a lot. He can walk a horse, and brush one. But he won't get on one.

He held the gate for me as I lead Loki out of the paddock, his lead rope in one hand. "Leg?" I asked and Tate cupped his hands for me and I swung onto Loki's back. He had a thin rain sheet on but it was dry.

He took the lead rope from me and walked Loki as I leaned forward on his neck. "What are your plans for today baby?" He asked me.

"You wanna ride?" He looked up at me and I knew the answer. "Bareback?"

"That's supposed to be better? You told me this horse is crazy!"

"Yeah, but I would ride him first and get his zoomies out."


"Really?!" I sat up. We walked back out to the barn and I slid off Loki, I pulled his blanket off as Tate got the brushes for me.

I got Jelly from his stall abs for him in the crossties, brushing him over too.

"You're a barn boyfriend, just accept it." I giggled as he brushed off Loki's face. 

"If Dion can do it then so can I." He said. True. I left and went to get the bridle. Loki was already tossing his head, excited, this is going to be an exciting ride.

I got the bridle on him, Tate put the helmet on for him and I smiled, having serious butterflies. Tate held Loki as I got Jelly's bridle on.

"Can you please help me?" I asked and again, he boosted me up onto Loki's back. I walked by Jelly and grabbed his reins then clicked my tongue and both horses began to move. Tate looked pretty happy on the ground.

When we got to the outdoor arena, I leaned over and tied Jelly's reins so he wouldn't trip over them, then let him go.

"Isn't that dangerous?" Tate asked, getting his usual spot on the fence.

"They like each other." I shrugged. That really doesn't mean anything.

"And shouldn't you be wearing proper clothes? Hm." I looked down at my tank top and shorts, and then crocs.

"I should," I said, "but I'm not." I flashed him a smile then squeezed Loki and he began to trot, rather fast.

"Watch it!"

"I'm losing control!" I lied, purposefully bringing Loki up into a canter.

"That's not funny!"

"Oh no! We're going faster!" Now a gallop.


"Now Jelly is chasing us!" Jelly was cantering around the arena, but I wasn't worried, Loki was focused on me. He could tell I was being goofy, and slipping a little. Not literally, mentally.

I pushed Loki over a jump and Tate groaned.

"Sofia!" I trotted over to him with a big smile.

"C'mon, have some fun daddy."

That just slipped out.

Thankfully, the rain saved me cause suddenly rain just came pouring down on us and we both began to laugh.

"This, is going to fun." I said and turned Loki away, going back to that canter. I just love riding in the rain. Especially free riding.

I dropped my reins last second, stretching my arms out like a plane and went over the jump, laughing a little, I grabbed the reins with one hand and looked over at Tate, and saw he was recording me.

I circled Loki in trot then went back up to canter. "Jelly!" I yelled and whistled, catching his attention, he cantered after us, going over the jump beside the one me and Loki went over. "Good boys."

I looked back at Tate. He looks absolutely beautiful in the rain. His black shirt was soaked through, so were his grey shorts. And his brown hair all messy and wet, water dripped down his face.

"Wanna go for a ride?"

He looked like he was thinking hard.

"You would be riding Jelly. And he is such a push button pony."

"I just watched him jump two feet."

"Yeah, cause I made him." I said. "You could ride Loki."

"I think I rather have a saddle for that." He said, "sure, but we aren't doing anything weird."

I got off of Loki and let him just walk around, I untied the reins and brought Jelly over to the mountain block. "Want this?" I handed him my helmet.

"You need one, I'm not taking it from you." He said and folded his arms.

"Tater tot I really don't want to go all the way back to the barn." I groaned, "please just take it."

"No." He said.

"Fine." I took my helmet off and put it on the mounting block beside him. "Leg over."

"Sofia, helmet on."


"Excuse me?"

"I said no."

He cursed under his breath and I giggled. Not like he can do anything. He got onto Jelly and looked down at me with wide eyes. "Get moving Jelly."

I clicked my tongue and Jelly began to trot. "Oh no- Jelly." I caught up quickly and pulled back on the reins. "Okay, pull right, he goes right, pull left, he goes left. Pull back altogether, he stops."

"Thanks smart ass."

"Anytime." I smiled and got Loki. Finding my rhythm, I swung up on him and Tate looked at me in shock. "20 years." I reminded him.

Tate squeezed Jelly and little and began to walk, he tended up to bad.

"Just relax." I said and leaned back, flat on back, my head on Loki's hind quarters. "Jelly is really good."

"I'm sure he is but I'm bad as fuck." He rubbed the water away from his eyes and I laughed.

"It would be better if you moved faster." I said and squeezed Loki and he went up to a trot. I brought him over a simple trot pole.

Tate shook his head no. I tried.

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