11| Daddy

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I'm taking Sofia back to my house for the first time

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I'm taking Sofia back to my house for the first time. We're coming back from a date to the Winter Fair. I got her a blue octopus and she's glued to it.

She didn't make any sign of wanting to get out of the car so I reached in and picked the little girl up, she put her legs around me, putting her arms over me shoulders and tiredly playing with the stuffed animal she named Candy. So she has a Skittles and a Candy.

I unlocked the front door and opened it, walking quiet so Duke wouldn't come and jump all over me. I locked the door behind me and kicked off my shoes, and pulled Sofia's off behind my back.

When I went into the living room is when Duke came running over to us and Sofia gasped. "Can I see?!" Her little voice squealed.

I dropped her down to the ground and Duke ran into her open arms, wagging his tail and licking her face, jumping on top of her and pushing her to lay back.

I let her play with the dog as I went into my kitchen, I got a glass for me and the sippy cup she brought with her, and filled it up with water.

"Duke." I heard her giggle and I walked back over to the two. "He's very pushy."

"Oh yeah, once you pet him, he won't let you stop." I chuckled and sat down on the couch, putting the drinks on the coffee table.

She got up to her feet and sat down next to me, grabbing the cup and taking a drink. "Thank you." She said. She can be such a polite girl.

"Did you have fun tonight baby?" I asked her and she nodded yes very quickly. "That's good." I brushed her hair out of her face and she showed me that pretty smile.

She leaned forward and kissed me, pulling back quickly and giggled. "Are you teasing me?"

"Maybe." She said.

I turned sideways, cupping her cheek and pulling her back into a kiss, pushing her back on the couch. Her legs went around me waist and she kissed me back. She's such a good fucking kisser.

Then Duke came up and licked Sofia cheek. "For fuck sake." I muttered and sat back. Sofia giggled and reached out and patted Duke.

"Hi puppy." She smiled. "I really like him."

"I bet you do." I muttered. I got her attention again, turning her head to face me and kissed her again.

"Tate." She whispered, pulling back a little.

"Mhm." I said. Her mood snapped quickly and I sat back, getting off of her. "What's wrong Sof?"

"I really like you." She mumbled.

Oh fuck is she already breaking up with me?

"And I really like being little."

Now I know where this is going.

"I accidentally called you daddy last week!"

Oh I remember. And I fucking loved it. But then it began to rain, and I got on a goddamn horse. And we never got to it and Sofia didn't want to say anything.

"Are you my daddy Tate? Because I really want you to. I really want to be your girlfriend, and your little. Like there are rules and everything." I chuckled and she folded her arms, huffing. "It's not funny."

"Watch the tone." I said but she just rolled her eyes. "You want me to be your daddy?"


"Rule number one, roll your eyes and you're going over my knee." Her look dropped. "I could do it without being your daddy, but it would bring so much joy with hearing you moan daddy."

"S- sorry." She whispered. "But I want you to be my daddy."

"And I want you to be my little." That smile went back on her face. "You're already are my little girl."


"I want paci." Sofia cried, Duke was licking her cheek but she wasn't stopping.

"Princess, you didn't pack it. You don't have it." I sighed.

"Daddy." She sobbed, "I can't sleep without my paci."

"You have Skittles. I think you'll make do." She shook her head no. "Yes you will, c'mon, we have to brush your teeth."


I sighed and picked her up, carrying the crying girl to the bathroom and sat her down to the counter. I got her toothbrush wet and added toothpaste. "Brush your teeth. I'm not telling you twice." She slowly nodded and took the tooth brush from me.

I left her and went to her backpack, taking out Skittles and looked around, finding her paci. Thank fuck. When I got back she was finished and I passed the paci to her, but paused.

"You don't have meltdowns to get out of thinks baby. Don't yell at me for something you did."

"Sorry daddy." She mumbled and took the paci from me and put it in her mouth, smiling.

I can't be mad at the adorable smile.

I carried her back to bed, sitting her down and she snuggled up next to Duke. "Are you coming?" She asked.

"I have to go clean up baby. Just go to sleep." I said and nodded.

I turned off the lights and kept the door open, then went into the kitchen and began to do the dishes. Sofia slept silently in the other room. After a little while Duke came out and laid by my feet.

Then a little while after that I heard soft sniffles. I dropped the glass back into the sink and quickly went back into my bedroom.

"I'm so sorry Tate." She said. Oh no. What happened? "I didn't notice." I tugged the blankets off of her and saw her pants were wet.

"Oh, it's okay baby. Let's get you out of there." I picked her out of the bed and on her feet. "Don't cry little girl, it's okay." I wiped her tears away but they kept pooling up.

"I- I didn't mean to." She cried.

"It's okay. Let's just get you in the shower. Okay?" She nodded and I lead her to into the bathroom. I started the water, getting it nice and warm. "I'm just going to change the sheets. Take your time."

I closed the door behind me and went over to my bed, pulling the sheets off and bringing them over to the washer, then grabbed new ones and got it on the mattress.

This isn't her first accident. She has a weak bladder, I know she does. Multiple times she'll come running up to me and I'll have to rush her into the washroom.

Maybe she needs diapers or something. Nathen and Sadie have them. I think Sofia mentioned Katie wearing them too.

Sofia came out with only a towel around her body, looking up at me. "I don't have any clothes daddy." She mumbled.

"Did you pack panties for tomorrow?" I asked her and she nodded yes. "Grab those for me princess."

"Okay." She moved over to her backpack, I got a shirt of mine and handed it to her. "Can you lay with me now? I like Duke but his hair tickles me."

"Okay baby. Just get in the bed for me."

I got the blankets ready for her while she changed behind my back. Then she jumped on the bed and laid down. I grabbed her paci and put it into her open mouth then got into the bed next to her. She put her leg over mine and cuddled against me.

"Goodnight Sofia."

"Night night daddy."

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