21- The universe hates me

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Ricardo pov

After everything that happened I thought the only way to make Sabrina realize what she did to was wrong is to take her to the school we sent Michelle to.

And not only will I be able to find out more about what happened to my daughter while she was here but also show Sabrina what consequences her actions had.

We arrived at the school and it just made me realize how crazy I was to send a five year old little girl to this place it almost looked like our factory where well, we execute our enemies. But I just did what was best in the moment , I wanted Michelle to learn a lesson I would have come and get her when she was 10 but she was gone before that.

When we walked in the place looked horrible. Sabrina looked scared and reached for my hand. I took it and led her to the front desk. "Dad I'm scared." she whispered." I know mi Amore, now think how scared your little sister was." I said stopping looking her in the eyes I could see she felt guilty but I think she doesn't know how to talk to Michelle about it.

We reached a young women at the front desk who was busy eating chewing gum like a cow with her eyes glued to her phone." Who is in charge here?" I asked firm. She looked up and rolled her eyes, this bitch seriously is asking for it but I'll keep my cool for Sabrina's sake. "Marcelo, I'll go get him." she said rolling her eyes and standing up.

After a few minutes she came back with a tall well dressed man. He had authority just like me, I already like him. "I've been told you are looking for me" he says shaking my hand. "Yes I am, Ricardo nice to meet you" I greeted. "Marcelo, how can I help you today?"He asked politely.

"Actually I am here, regarding my daughter Michelle, we sent her here about 11 years ago but after a year or so when we came to get her she disappeared" I explained to him. A smile came to his face "How could I forget about little Michelle, you see before I bought this place she tried to run away but luckily she ran into me. I took her in and basically raised her but when she was about 10 she ran off, I never saw her again." he said looking deep in thought. i was relieved to know that Michelle didn't have to experience any traumatic things.

"Well from me and my family I want to thank you for looking after my daughter" I said shaking his hand. He gave me a big smile and said "honestly it was a huge honor, your daughter really is a special girl". "You know what Michelle has been having a difficult time adjusting , seeing you might just do her some good " I told him and looked at Sabrina. "I'd love too" he accepted my offer gladly.

He followed me home to where we waited for Michelle patiently, but when she came in and saw Marcelo she looked nervous and anxious and after a while Michelle stormed out with Isabella following her. She did not come back after that , which made me worry why she would react like that when she saw Marcelo not really how I expected her to react for a reunion.

Michelle pov

I felt sick, every part of me was hurting , every memory was coming back , every thing he did to me and Leo. We were fucking kids and yet he treated us as full grown adult prisoners, NO Mercy. all I want to do is kill him but I know I am not going to be able with the fucking Ferrari's, are they really that fucking stupid to bring such an evil man into their home with their beloved kids. He is a psychopath, a rapist and a fucking murderer I at least thought type would recognize type.BUT no!

I need to get out of here as soon as possible because things just went from worse to ....whats worse than worse? Well you get it. Only problem is how ? The Ferrari's will never stop looking for me and what about Nonna, Cammy and Eleanor ? I can't just abandon them they wouldn't do it to me.

There was a knock on my door and Viviane came in "I just wanted to make sure you are okay?" she said looking concerned at me. "I'm just peachy " I answered looking her in the eyes, God this is awkward. "Anything else? "I asked just wanting her to leave. "No"she answered and walked about to leave but before she went out of the door she turned back to me "I know you don't like or trust me but I am here if you ever want to talk"she said and left.

"like or trust "please more like despise and hate. She couldn't care less about me 11 years ago but now she does, please she is still just a crazy lady hiding her psychopath within by dressing fancy and using big words and lets not forget using her husbands money. I got a message from Gracie telling me to come hang out with her, Oliver and Asher and to bring Eleanor with.

I got my jacket and headed down stairs hoping NO praying that Marcelo has left. On my way down I bumped into Isabella "Don't worry he is gone , you okay? "she said I'm guessing she could tell by the look on my face. "Thanks , yeah I'm fine" I told her. "You heading out? " Bear asked coming up behind us. "yup" I said looking at him. "Come on I will give you a ride , I'm going out to"he said flinging his arm around me.

He dropped me of at Gracie where I was met with El and Gracie hitting it off , so much that they barely notice me. "They have been flirting with each other like that for hours now"Oliver informed me handing me a drink. "That's my sister" I said chuckling. " So what is going on between you and dick Ivanov?" Asher asked as we sat on the couch causing me to laugh while Oliver went over to dance with Gracie and Eleanor . "Honestly I have no idea , its complicated....well my life is complicated" I said and took sip from my drink.

"Just be careful with that guy Mich he has a reputation for playing and breaking girls hearts , and he honestly is not even in your league"he said looking at me. "And who is in my league ..You?"I asked intrigued which made him give me a playful push to my shoulder. "I'm serious, just be careful. I'm looking out for you because I am your friend." he said genuine. "Thanks I'll be careful , now come on lets go dance with those crazy kiddos" I said holding out my hand which he reluctantly took and followed me to the dance floor.

The rest of the night was fun and really helped me to forget about all this stupid fucking drama in my life that never seems to end. The universe really seems to hate me because I just can't get a break and trust me that was proved the moment I stepped back into that hellhole of a place the Ferrari's call home.

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